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Fans of the Granblue series will be excited to know Zooey has recently been added to Granblue Fantasy Versus. Her release also marks the end of the first DLC pack. While her young appearance may make her seem relatively harmless, her true form is that of the “Grand Order,” a primal beast that is tasked with maintaining balance in the world. In-game, she wields a sword and shield, along with powerful lightning magic to smite her foes. Her faithful dragon companions, Dyrn and Lyrn, also assist Zooey in combat.

In Granblue Fantasy Versus, Zooey fits the description as both zoner and pressure character thanks to her frame traps and dragon meter. Additionally, her sword has good reach, allowing her to safely poke enemies from a distance. The only real downside to Zooey is that she lacks a meterless reversal and her dragons need to be recharged after multiple use. She also has a abundance of special moves at her disposal.

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Zooey’s unique action is called “Convergence” and it allows her to refill her Dragon Meter. The meter charges slower while Lyrn is out, so watch out for that. She also gains access to an invincible attack in this state called “The Last Wish” by pressing forward and an attack button. While “The Last Wish” in invincible, do note that it can only go through one hit of a projectile. Thus, if the projectile is multi-hitting (like Djeeta’s charged hadoken), Zooey will still get hit. If “The Last Wish” hits an opponent, a significant chunk of the Dragon Meter will recharge.

Everyone in the cast has access to an “Overhead” move, but Zooey’s is a bit more unique. Upon landing an Overhead on an opponent in a counter state, Zooey will be able to combo into an auto-combo. Use this in conjunction with her Dragons to keep the opponent guessing which way to block.

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“Summon Dragon” is the key to Zooey’s zoning game. All versions of this move use up the Dragon Meter, so keep an eye out. By using the Light version of this move, Zooey launches Lyrn straight forward. This will also stop one hit of a projectile. Lyrn will stay in the spot he was launched, allowing players to input other variations of “Summon Dragon.” The Medium version of this move will cause Lyrn to fire a projectile that launches opponents into the air. This is a great combo starter in the corner, as it will allow Zooey to follow up with multiple air attacks. Finally, the Heavy version of this move makes Lyrn shoot two consecutive swiping lasers across the stage. This is good for both pressure and extending combos, as the lasers last a fairly long time. However, this version of the move takes up a large portion of the Dragon Meter, so use it sparingly.

“Spinning Slash” is a good way to extend combos and has two follow-ups called “Ray Strike” and “Bisection.” “Spinning Slash” goes farther depending on which version is used, with Medium and Heavy going the farthest and Light the least. When used in a blockstring, “Spinning Slash” is airtight, but upon using the “Ray Strike” or “Bisection” follow up, the opponent can use a reversal to interrupt an attack. “Ray Strike” is a low attack, which can catch opponents off-guard if they aren’t paying attention. The Heavy version of this move will put opponents in the hard knockdown state. “Bisection” is a circular sword arc that has the potential to extend corner combos, provided you use the Heavy version. Also note that the Medium version of this move will not properly combo, as its start-up is too slow.

“Aerial Spinning Slash” is the “Dragon Punch” move for Zooey. Unfortunately, this move is not a reversal and it barely counts as an anti-air. The notable variations of this move are the Heavy and Medium versions. The Medium version of “Aerial Spinning Slash” can hit opponents as Zooey is rising into the air, so it can hard knockdown opponents not blocking in the air. The Heavy version of this move is invincible to air attacks and on block leaves players with a slight button advantage. As a side note, Zooey’s 2H normal is also a great anti-air attack and it does better damage.

As the name implies, “Thunder” is Zooey’s thunder magic. The Light, Medium, and Heavy versions all summon Lighting to hit different parts of the screen. Light is the closest to Zooey while Medium goes the farthest. The Heavy version will summon three lightning strikes in front of Zooey. The thunder can also be delayed by holding down the attack button. This can give help Zooey extend her pressure, as opponents won’t know when the thunder will strike. “Thunder” can also be used in the air to hit opponents or stall her air momentum. On hit, the Heavy Air “Thunder” will Hard Knockdown opponents.

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Zooey’s first super, “Gamma Ray,” does average super damage and puts the opponent in a hard knockdown state. It’s also Zooey’s only invincible reversal, so use it sparingly.

Despite the name, Zooeys Super Skybound art, “Armageddon,” does not destroy the world. However, it might signal the end for an opponent, as the super does a whopping 4500 damage. If they survive, they’ll also be put in a Hard Knockdown state.

Zooey is a unique character and a fun addition to the cast of Granblue Fantasy: Versus. She can be a real terror to any opponent, provided players remember not to overextend their Dragon pals. Ride the Lighting!

Granblue Fantasy Versus is available for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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Zooey just released for Granblue Fantasy: Versus! What play-style does she encourage and what special moves does she have?

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