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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for DC’s original graphic novel Green Lantern: Legacy by Minh Lê and Andie Tong, on sale now.

In Green Lantern: Legacy, we are introduced to the Green Lantern Corps’ latest recruit: a 13-year-old boy from Earth named Tai Pham. Tai inherits his grandmother’s power ring after she passes away and is transported to Oa, where he learns about the existence of the Green Lanterns, their abilities, and their responsibilities. Now as the newest (and youngest) Earth-based Emerald Knight, Tai has to learn the basics of ring-slinging, all while juggling his life as a normal kid who goes to school.

But Tai isn’t the only human with a Lantern ring we meet in the DC graphic novel. On top of introducing the planet’s latest cosmic superhero, Green Lantern: Legacy also features the debut of a dangerous new member of the fear-powered Sinestro Corps: a Yellow Lantern named Xander Griffin.

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Xander Griffin is a young tech genius and billionaire at the head of his own powerful company, Tression. We first meet the character at the funeral of Tai’s grandmother, where he introduces himself to the young teenager. He explains that he knew his grandmother well and that he is more than willing to help out. Already, however, it appears clear Xander may know more than he lets on. Later, Tai and his friends visit Tression to interview Xander for a school project. And there, he begins to show that his views on creating a better future may be troublesome.

Throughout the comic book, Xander continues to grow closer to Tai. He almost appears to be the big brother the teenager never had, but it eventually becomes clear the character has nefarious goals. It’s only near the end of Green Lantern: Legacy that we learn “Tression” is actually an anagram of “Sinestro,” and that the billionaire is a Yellow Lantern. He explains that he knew Tai’s grandmother was a Green Lantern and that he was envious of her power. Sinestro eventually found him and saw the potential in him to make him the latest recruit in his Corps.

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Xander Griffin is a dangerous new addition to the Yellow Lanterns not just because of his power, but because of the person he is outside of the yellow and black suit. On top of having a power ring that grants him the abilities of the Sinestro Corps, Xander has the full reach of a powerful tech company, nearly infinite funds, and the influence to re-shape entire cities. In fact, his company’s technology is so advanced that he has access to a facial recognition program ten years ahead of its time. And with it, he is able to determine Tai’s secret identity as the Earth’s newest Green Lantern.

There are many dangerous Yellow Lanterns, but Xander is a whole new threat for Earth, specifically.

The two Lanterns eventually engage in battle, and Tai demonstrates his great power by defeating Xander. However, the villain isn’t down for the count just yet. As the graphic novel comes to a close, Xander is still out there, and so is Sinestro.

While the leader of the Yellow Lantern Corps only appears in flashbacks in the graphic novel, it seems all but certain he will return to Earth should Green Lantern: Legacy get a second volume. And if that happens, then Tai will need all the help he can get.

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Minh Lê and Andie Tong's original graphic novel Green Lantern: Legacy brings a dangerous new human into the Sinestro Corps.

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