Guardians of the Galaxy: 10 Most Pathetic Villains In Their Rogues' Gallery, Ranked

In the entire Marvel Universe, the Guardians of the Galaxy run into some of the most whacky and lame villains out of every super-team. Whether it’s due to their quirky and abhorrent personalities or their one-of-a-kind style, they tend to attract some of the weirdest villains in their space adventures.

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The gung-ho and laissez-faire style of going into battles is huge to the overall persona the team emulates. As a result, the half-criminal group of misfits themselves attract some of the most ridiculous villains in the MCU.

10 Black Vortex

Those who acquired the powers of Black Vortex 12 billion years ago are long extinct due to their own stupidity. They were able to harness celestial powers which enabled them to control large masses all at once. Sounds pretty powerful, but when it’s broken down, this group is definitely one of the most pathetic on the Rogues’ gallery.

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With great power comes great responsibility and the Black Vortex did not get those logistics. They ended up killing themselves.

9 Collector

The Collector is far-and-wide one of the most pathetic villains in the MCU. He is not intelligent, looks weird, and has zero morals. His main powers of cosmic energy are not put to any use besides the torturing of his assistants.

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The team gets rid of the swine quickly in Guardians of the Galaxy and for the right reason. Having a leech such as him around is toxic and meaningless.

8 Badoon

This swamp-like creature is nothing more than just a muscular nuisance. Badoon is a race of lizard brothers and sisters who had the appearance of a green ogre. With no real abilities other than those resembling reptiles, they were unintelligent and counter-productive to any technological advancement.

Needless to say, the Guardians have made quick news of this mutant race.

7 Titus

Titus’ main powers are that he has a Nova gun that he stole from the Nova race. He’s a petty thief when it comes down to it which makes him perfect for one of the most pathetic on the Guardians of the Galaxy rogues’ gallery.

The tiger-headed freak has much more bark than bite making for one of the worst villains in the Guardians’ universe.

6 Korvac

Korvac has relatively better abilities and powers compared to the former villains analyzed here, but he still qualifies as one of the most pathetic. He’s a powerful product of the Brother of Badoon and was able to acquire cosmic ability.

He is very strong and has been seen fighting the Avengers, but overall Korvac is nothing more than just a colossal issue with no clear motives for the destruction he does.

5 Howard The Duck

Although Howard The Duck is a pretty cool character to see on screen, he really has no abilities to help protect him. He knows Quac-Fu which is his version of Kung-Fu and that’s about it. The Guardians would have an easy time defeating him, to say the least.

Whether this character is going to appear in his own movie or not, his heroics are definitely not at the forefront of his best attributes.

4 Korath The Pursuer

Korath the Pursuer is a member of the highly advanced Kree race with powers being half-cyborg. However, he’s killed by Drax pretty easily and made for another gnat in the Guardians’ way. He’s one of the first villains introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy attempting to capture Star-Lord.

Of course, he never captures him and fails to stop him even with unrelenting weaponry. Whether this exemplifies his poor battle coordination skills or his intelligence, Korath is quite pathetic all around.

3 Fin Fang Foom

This green, flying bug is overall just an annoyance for the Guardians’ squad. One of his main abilities is that he mists acid from his mouth as he flies by. All the Guardians would need to do is find a fly-swatter and get rid of the villain who seems to hold no purpose in the MCU.

But, of course, he’s worth talking about because he’s seen in the comics fighting Thor, at which Thor has some problems. Overall, it would just take some pre-battle planning to avoid the beast’s acid breath and flying abilities.

2 Lunatik

This villain was known for his superhuman strength and his abilities to lift extremely heavy things. However, for reasons unrevealed, his superhuman strength heavily depleted and was seemingly gone.

As a result, this villain is extremely pathetic and quite frankly an underdeveloped character (maybe for a good reason) on the Guardians’ Rogues’ gallery.

1 Serpent Crown

The powers conducted by the snake-hat sound much cooler than they actually are because it doesn’t logistically work. Those who wear the Serpent Crown have the ability to read other’s minds one at a time and levitate oneself. But, of course, this can only happen if one wears the crown successfully.

Overall, the Guardians would not run into too many issues fighting off this many-headed crown. Whether they would devise a solution to getting the magical snakes off of their opposer’s head or just killing the snake-powers in general, this is the last addition to a pathetic villain on the Rogues’ gallery.

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The Guardians of the Galaxy are a wacky bunch and as such, they have some strange villains. Some are flat out pathetic.

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