Guardians of the Galaxy: 5 Reasons Why We Hope To See Old Man Quill Again (& 5 Why We Don’t)

Peter Quill finally grew up. He used to be Star-Lord, but it’s been some time since he’s gone by that name. Taking over for his father as the emperor of Spartax, Quill put a life of spacefaring adventure behind him for one of leadership and responsibility. But things didn’t go as planned. Decades have passed, and Peter is haunted by tragedy.

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Down and out, his existence means nothing – until the former Guardians of the Galaxy drag him out of his funk for one last mission! The heist of a lifetime – and Quill’s harrowing last shot at redemption – takes him back to a transformed Earth. With a lot of twists and turns, there are five reasons why we want to see Old Man Quill again and five reasons why we don’t.

9 We Do: Old Man Quill Was A Huge Success

That storyline has created a new world for the remaining Marvel characters. There are still a lot of members from previous Guardians of the Galaxy, and he can create an all-new team and continue to destroy the rest of the Universal Church of Truth.

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His character has changed drastically from the fun-filled Star-Lord that readers once knew and loved to the Old Man that has lost so much. This change has made Old Man Quill a desire to read. In the end, he recruits some other members of the Guardians such as Moondragon, Beta Ray Bill, Nova, a Young Groot, and Nebula.

8 We Don’t: He Still Carries Around The Same Weapon As Before…

Throughout the story, Quill still has the same element gun that is found in other series. After fifty years it has worked wonders for him but it would be nice to change things up a bit. The only time this happens is when the lady at the bar offers up her family’s ancient revolver. It has been passed down through generations. However, he only uses it once in the series. Noted it is the most important scene in the series but really… Galactus defeated by a revolver?

7 We Do: Old Man Quill Fits Nicely In This New World

Old Man Quill fits in this universe very well. Due to him losing both his family and his friends during the last fifty years he now suffers from dementia and hallucinations which make him a relatable character. This is much like the Old Man Logan storyline. Throughout the entire story, he hallucinates that his friends are still alive when in fact they died already. He has a hard time letting go of his past failures. That is what makes this particular story work so well. While fighting, he has to deal with the loss of everyone he loves. However, it is their memory that keeps him motivated.

6 We Don’t: He Is Too Lucky

His number one ability is still luck. Face it, Peter Quill is probably the luckiest person alive who isn’t Domino or Longshot. Most of his accomplishments are from sheer dumb luck. He just happened to have been given a revolver that was able to shoot a fragment of the time stone.

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The time stone just happened to kill Galactus without Quill even knowing it would work. He just happened to stumble upon a working Hulk buster suit and a working helicopter. Not to mention if his friends had already died then how were his enemies dying around him without him shooting in their direction. All of this seems too coincidental for Old Man Quill.

5 We do: Old Man Quill Is Relatable

Old Man Quill is very similar to Old Man Logan in regard to how they are both very troubled characters that have lost so much over the years. It is difficult for them to keep moving forward. That is why we enjoy reading about them. It creates a more in-depth character arc rather than just having the same old heroic story where they never get old and never lose their family friends or teammates. Knowing that Quill can die at any moment now especially since his combat skills are not what they used to be makes it more interesting to read as the stakes are higher.

4 We Don’t: He Still Has The Same Bad Attitude

He is still a jerk. He bashes his team for trying to help him, well subconsciously help him anyway. Just like Rocket never stops insulting Quill, Quill never stops insulting Rocket or any of the other team members. This might be how the team operates and shows love for one another but it would have been nice to see some change.

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Even though they were only there emotionally because of his hallucinations it would have been nice for him to thank them for being in his life earlier on in the story. By the end, he didn’t feel like he moved on much. He was still emotionally drained.

3 We Do:He Is A Great Leader Now

Peter Quill is a changed man. He is now more of a leader rather than one who makes the plan up as he moves along. In many of his prior stories, he and his team were victorious because of luck. That was part of the enjoyment reading the other issues, but when it comes to the Old Man Quill stories, it is nice seeing Quill make his own decisions for a change. He could have easily given up on his life yet chose to do the right thing despite losing hope. This means he is much stronger than originally thought.

2 We Don’t: He Should Have Been Sacrificed For The Greater Cause

He was supposed to die at the end. It would have been more meaningful if he had given his life as a sacrifice to the fall of the church. After learning that his team already died and Quill was just hallucinating their existence there really is not much to live for except to do the right thing. If he had died by sacrificing himself then it could have turned into a happy reunion with both his friends and family. The story could have ended with the Guardians of the Galaxy meeting Quill’s wife and children. Maybe it will happen in future issues.

1 We Do: There Is More To Old Man Quill’s Story

There is so much more of a story left to be told. At the end of the series, the Universal Church of Truth is still out in the universe and someone has to stop them. It would be amazing to see how Quill interacts with his newly formed team in order to stop them. Who knows if he will ever get the revenge he deserves. It would be nice to see him find peace knowing there was not much he could have done to stop the death of his former teammates. There is so much more Ethan Sacks has to offer.

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With a lot of twists and turns, there are five reasons why we want to see Old Man Quill again and five reasons why we don't.

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