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Between the group of misfits which is The Guardians of the Galaxy, and the well-oiled justice team The Avengers, it’s tough to say who would win in a brawl. However, by singling out each of their respective team’s characteristics, we can hypothetically devise scenarios in which each team would defeat the other.

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When it comes down to it, these two teams may never square off. But, ever since Avengers: Civil War, there’s no telling where the MCU could be headed towards.

10 Guardians Of The Galaxy: They Defeated Ego

In the film The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2the Guardians are able to stop the most dangerous Marvel planet in the Universe: Ego The Living Planet. The Avengers are mainly known for keeping Earth safe and they have problems doing that.

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When placed on Ego The Living Planet, the Avengers would most likely perish. However, the Guardians did anything but perish. They succeeded in defeating the God, mostly due to the fact that Star-Lord is part-God himself.

9 Avengers: They Have Hulk

“We have a Hulk” is a famous phrase the Avengers like to use, but it’s true. When Bruce Banner is able to control his green side and switch from intelligent scientist to beast, he’s nearly an unstoppable force. The Guardians would have an extremely difficult time stopping the strength of the brute and would most likely not be able to devise a way to battle him.

8 Guardians Of The Galaxy: Thanos Would Potentially Back Them

Due to his deep internal love for Gamora, Thanos would potentially back the Guardians of the Galaxy in a fight against the Avengers. Thanos has even been seen sparing their lives in Avengers: Infinity War and stated to Gamora that he liked Star-Lord.

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This alliance is extremely far-fetched, but if it came down to Gamora’s life in an Avengers’ attack against them, Thanos would definitely side with the Guardians.

7 Avengers: Wider Variation Of Abilities

The Avengers are much stronger when they all band together. Whether it’s Iron Man’s suit, Captain America’s shield, or Thor’s hammer, they all have extremely powerful weapons to fight forces of evil. When it comes down to it, the Guardians have a variety of different abilities, but nothing even remotely close to what the Avengers have as a whole.

6 Guardians Of The Galaxy: Their Bond With Each Other Is Closer

The Guardians of the Galaxy are way closer to each other than any other team in the MCU. They look at each other as family, as opposed to just business associates or acquaintances. One of the Avengers’ main flaws is that some of them dislike one another, which doesn’t make for great team chemistry.

The Guardians fight together because they truly care for each other, while the Avengers seem to get into scenarios with each other in which it’s the last place they want to be in.

5 Avengers: They Have Thor

When it comes down to it, the Avengers have some of the strongest allies. Coming in as a second hero is the god Thor. It’s an understatement that Thor is a tough foe to face and would most likely defeat the Guardians without breaking a sweat. The only way the Guardians would stand a chance is if they could somehow strip his hammer from him, but that’s a challenge in itself.

4 Guardians Of The Galaxy: Could Use Space As A Weapon

The Guardians of the Galaxy are expert pilots and know the ins and outs of flying in all atmospheres, especially the vacuum of space. The Avengers, besides Thor and Captain Marvel, are mainly grounded heroes and protectors of Earth.

In Avengers: Infinity War, Iron Man and Spider-man are seen hurtling through space, but not easily, and not without almost dying. Ultimately, the Guardians would use the empty space to their advantage.

3 Avengers: The New Addition Of Captain Marvel

Coming in as a third strong ally, Captain Marvel’s new addition to the Avengers is hugely impactful to how powerful they are as a whole. She’s thought to be one of the strongest, if not the strongest being in the MCU. Her flying abilities make her a force to be reckoned with, and her new addition to the Avengers is a major win for the team.

2 Guardians Of The Galaxy: Use Avengers Civil War To Their Advantage

The Guardians of the Galaxy squad may be a group of misfits and may get into the occasional argument, but they have never set out to kill each other. In Avengers Civil War, we can see how shifty and unstable the Avengers as a team can really be. The Guardians are known to spot a weakness and act on it very quickly. In the heat of battle, they may be able to turn the Avengers on themselves.

1 Avengers: Wider Ally Connection Base

The Avengers have their eyes and ears spread far and wide across the galaxy simply because of their popularity in the MCU. They can gather intel extremely quickly and most of the time know the battle they’re getting into. Along with this, they could gather help from various parts of the Galaxy, a feat the Guardians would never be able to do.

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We'd imagine it would be a pretty close fight, but we still have to wonder who would win in a fight between Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.

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