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Every member of the Gundam Meisters in Gundam 00 has their role to play. Tieria is supposed to be the firepower, and the one to keep them on course, but often the character is the one perpetually frustrated with how the rest of his teammates behave.

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But the beautiful pilot of the Gundam Virtue gains a lot of development over two seasons, and he becomes one of the most compelling characters to watch. But what secrets lie in the character’s past? Who is he, and what motivated him to become a Gundam pilot? Here we discuss all of that and more, going into detail on things only the major Gundam fans are aware of.


Amongst the Gundam Meisters, Tieria is unique in that he wasn’t born human. Instead Tieria is meant to be an artificial version of humanity’s next evolution. He’s capable of operating a mobile suit better than other humans and superior at interfacing with technology in general.

This is like the original Gundam’s NewTypes, which were meant to be better capable of existing in space. Eventually, they introduced “Cyber NewTypes,” who had been genetically enhanced rather than naturally evolving.


By far, Tieria is the least trusting Gundam Meister. As he was engineered by Veda, he often finds himself perplexed by the actions of all of his fellow characters. Believing them to be less dedicated to the ultimate goal, he constantly challenges every member of the group.

Surprisingly, this rarely results in tension from the other members, as they never seem to fight back on his assertions.


Much of Tieria’s character development over the course of the series has to do with him trying to understand his own humanity. When the series begins, he’s more cold and focused on the mission, not even paying attention to the idea of being human. But the more he fights, the more he comes to care about his comrades.

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Eventually, the storyline goes from him wanting to be the perfect fighter to wanting to be a human. He takes pride in his human emotions, understanding his goal a bit better over time.


Tieria Erde has a fairly well-known voice actor in Japan: Hiroshi Kamiya. A voice actor with experience going back to 1992, Kamiya has been responsible for a number of characters, including Trafalgar Law from One Piece, as well as Levi Ackerman in Attack on Titan, and a ton of other noteworthy characters.

The English voice actor is Samuel Vincent, who’s better known for voicing American cartoons. He’s best known as Double D, but has also been in Sonic Underground, SheZow, and Krypto.


Something that’s kept hidden for the first half of Gundam is that Tieria’s mobile suit has a special ability to it. Within the Gundam Virtue is a secondary mobile suit, the Gundam Nadleeh. Nadleeh possesses a special ability known as the Trial System.

This system can single-handedly shut down any Gundam connected to the Veda super-computer. In this manner, Tieria can decide who’s worthy of carrying on Veda’s orders. A bit of an overpowered ability, Tieria gets locked out of this not long after revealing it.


In the second season, the team makes an attempt to recover the computer Veda after having it stolen. During the course of the mission to get it back, Ribbons winds up shooting and killing Tieria. But this doesn’t quite work the way that Ribbons plans, as Tieria winds up becoming one with the computer.

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As a result, he lives on as a computerized ghost. We see him getting his body back later, but while he’s a ghost, he can pop into any Gundam under the control of Veda.


One idea introduced in the second season is all of the Innovades have genetic twins. Tieria’s twin is Regene Regetta, someone who initially serves as an antagonist in the story, working with Ribbons Almark.

Because Regene and Tieria were cloned alike, they also have the same quantum brainwaves. This means they can communicate mentally with one another, knowing another’s thoughts.


Despite his looks, Tieria pilots the Gundam that’s the primary firepower for the team. While Lockon serves as a long-range sniper, Allelujah handles speed, and Exit is close-quarters combat, while Tieria does the heavy lifting.

Both versions of his Gundam are hulking beings that protect themselves with GN barriers while firing off gigantic cannons. He does most of the work in wiping out the biggest numbers, though his Gundam Nadleeh definitely relies on its speed and smaller weapons.


One of the more curious aspects of Tieria is his choice of wearing glasses. After all, as a human being that was designed to be perfect physically, why would he have issues with his vision?

Well, in a Q&A in Gundam 00P, it was explained that he doesn’t need glasses at all. He chooses to wear them to protect his eyes.


Originally, Tieria’s standoffish behavior led to him developing no close relationships with any member of the team. Eventually, he starts to bond with Lockon, who helps him understand what it means to be human.

When the first Lockon dies, it forces Tieria to understand loss and makes him fight to defend and protect his other Gundam Meisters. He has the roughest relationship with Neil’s brother afterward because of it, as Lyle was always laid back and didn’t quite understand Neil’s need for revenge.

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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is a well-known series in the anime community, but there are some things you might not know about Tieria Erde.

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