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Hawk and Dove, the living avatars of war and peace chosen by the Lords of Order and Chaos. Originally made up of brothers Hank and Don Hall, it is now the pair of Hank Hall, Hawk, and Dawn Granger, Dove. Hawk is the aggressive and savage fighter, and Dove is the more peaceful and restrained pacifist (who still ends up fighting a lot). Ironically, Dove is, ultimately, the more powerful hero. The two have been members of the Teen Titans and even the Birds of Prey.

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The Wonder Twins are a pair of alien twins from the planet Exxor. Zan and Jayna, together, are able to shapeshift, with Zan able to turn into a water form and Jayna able to change into any animal form (terrestrial or extraterrestrial). In more recent comics, they’ve helped around at the Hall of Justice while attending South Metropolis High School. But who would win the battle between these DC Comics duos?

10 WONDER TWINS: Perfect Synchronicity

While Hawk and Dove’s partnership is defined by their dichotomy, the Wonder Twins have a close familial bond and work together well. Even if Zan and Jayna can get on one another’s nerves, they still get along at the end of the day. They are capable of cooperation and teamwork, and their powers actually require that they can do so. This gives them an advantage over the embattled Hawk and Dove.

9 HAWK AND DOVE: Chosen By The Lords Of Order And Chaos

Beyond just being superheroes, Hawk and Dove are the avatars of war and peace and were chosen by the Lords of Order and Chaos. They fulfill an important role on Earth and have been imbued with immense power to match. They are actually among the most powerful heroes to have ever served on the Teen Titans, even if their popularity never rose to match. Regardless, they were chosen by powerful entities to bear great power, and it seems unlikely that the Wonder Twins could overcome this.

8 WONDER TWINS: Any Animal You Could Imagine

Like Beast Boy, Animal Man, and Vixen, Jayna has access to the forms of any animal she can imagine–even if they aren’t an animal from our world. This gives her virtually endless possibilities of physiologies and abilities from which to choose. That means she can adapt to Hawk and Dove’s strategies, and they’d have a heck of a time reacting to her plans. Of the two, Jayna would by far be the greater threat and would be the one to turn the tide of battle.

7 HAWK AND DOVE: Hawk’s Savagery

Of course, Hank Hall is known for nothing if not his fury. Hawk is a raging and violent hero capable of losing himself to his angry side. Jayna and Zan aren’t particularly known for their own emotionality, and they would likely be caught off-guard by Hawk’s ability to completely unleash himself. Furthermore, the Wonder Twins are likely to annoy Hank enough so that this would happen.

6 WONDER TWINS: Aquakinesis

In addition to taking the form of water, Zan has a measure of control over water. This means he could use the environment to his advantage against Hawk and Dove and possibly even turn the water in their bodies against them.

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This would be a massive edge if allowed to run its course. However unlikely it would be for Hawk and Dove to just let this happen, it is still a potentially winning strategy.

5 HAWK AND DOVE: Dove’s Serenity

On the other end of the spectrum from Hawk’s anger is Dove’s serenity. She is capable of finding peace in even the most dire of situations. She can maintain her composure and look a the situation with the purest clarity. This means she could see through whatever plans and ruses the Wonder Twins through at she and Hawk, and she could warn Hawk to ensure he doesn’t allow himself to be taken advantage of by the Wonder Twins.

4 WONDER TWINS: The Gleek Wild Card

There is also, of course, the monkey. Gleek has been known to help the Wonder Twins in many of their escapades, and it seems likely that he would lend a hand to Jayna and Zan in this battle. Gleek is smarter than your average monkey and fiercely loyal to the Wonder Twins. He could turn the tide if things get dicey for them.

3 HAWK AND DOVE: Condor And Swan

It is worth mentioning that Hawk and Dove have faced their exact opposites before in Condor and Swan. These two were vying for the avatar positions that Hank and Dawn enjoyed, and they were a match for Hawk and Dove in every way.

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Despite this, Hawk and Dove were still able to pull together and win the day, defeating this other deadly duo and maintaining their titles as the avatars of war and peace.

2 WONDER TWINS: Aids To The Justice League And Buddies With Superman

Despite their relative inexperience in crime-fighting, the Wonder Twins are serving as aids to the Justice League and are good friends with Superman. While this doesn’t mean much on the surface, it does indicate that the League and Supes may see some latent potential in the Wonder Twins. There is almost certainly more than meets the eye with Jayna and Zan, and it may be just enough to give Hawk and Dove a challenge.

1 HAWK AND DOVE: Teen Titans, Birds Of Prey, And Beyond

That said, Hawk and Dove have a far deeper history in DC Comics. They’ve been members of the Teen Titans and the Birds of Prey. Dawn survived the Blackest Night, and Hawk has come back from being both Monarch and Extant. Hawk and Dove are experienced crimefighters and superheroes who’ve faced their fair share of threats over the years in the likes of Condor, Swan, Kestrel, and the Seven Men of Death.

With that, it’s definite that, despite what tricks the Wonder Twins may have up their sleeves, Hawk and Dove would be able to defeat these two young heroes. Hawk and Dove are powerful and experienced heroes who, despite their differences, have been working together for a long time. They would be the victors in this match.

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Hawk & Dove are a powerful duo, but are they more powerful than the Wonder Twins? Let's find out.

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