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Kate Bishop, AKA Hawkeye is without a doubt one of the sassiest characters around. It doesn’t seem to matter what the situation is, or who she’s up against; she’s going to have an opinion or comment ready to throw out for the fans.

Kate Bishop may not be the only character carrying the Hawkeye mantle, but she’s gone above and beyond to make herself stand out in a crowd. From her personality to her choice in teammates, and even her preferred location, it all makes her a memorable character.

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Okay, her sass helps a whole lot. So today we’re going to talk about exactly that. Here are Kate Bishop‘s ten sassiest moments. Enjoy!

10 When Plan A Goes Poorly

Everyone should have a backup plan. That goes doubly so for superheroes. That’s a given, right? What makes Kate Bishop unique is her ability to infuse sass and sarcasm with those plans.

Never have we seen so much sass, as when Kate had to fall back onto Plan B. Or at least, it certainly feels sassy. But perhaps that’s just because she’s giving up on the idea of having a Plan A to begin with…

9 Sassing the Villains

“You didn’t change the bits that matter, B.R.O.D.O.K.. And unless you fix your insides, the outsides don’t matter — at least not for long, dummy!” – West Coast Avengers Vol. 3

You tell him! But seriously, we love it when Kate talks down a villain, especially one such as B.R.O.D.O.K. (and yes, that is an intentional play on M.O.D.O.K., read the West Coast Avengers to understand what that is all about).

Also, there are so many ways to take that first statement, especially when it is removed from context. Perhaps that is why it keeps getting funnier.

8 True Friendship

“You brought me a case? In the middle of all your sad, loss, heartache ennui… you brought me a case. That, America Chavez, is how I know you like me, you really, really like me.” – America Vol. 1

Everyone defines friendship in different ways. Apparently, for Kate Bishop, all she needs is a best friend who is willing to bring her a case no matter what. More likely, Kate is just appreciating that her bestie thought of her, even though she was arguably dealing with the worst the universe could throw at her.

We still love it. Mostly because Kate has a way with words, especially when it comes to obfuscating her emotions.

7 Do Not Mess With Her

“Okay — on the list of people you get to yell at — because of the bad day you’re having? Because of this amazing futz-up of a life you’ve made for yourself? I am very, very low on that list.” – Hawkeye Vol. 4

There’s a life lesson in there. Do not mess with the girl who is already ticked off. It will not be good for your health. Trust us on this.

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But seriously, not many people can pull off that level of frustration, at least not without coming off as a total jerk. Kate has found that balance though, and instead she just comes off as irritated and sassy.

6 Wait. Have I Ever?

Apparently Kate has a tendency to date guys that aren’t straight. That isn’t a bad thing, obviously. What is less than stellar is having that (arguably very personal) realization on camera. Wanna bet that it went viral?

Only Kate could have such a reaction. Or get herself into these situations, for that matter. And we’re not just talking about the relationships, but the whole superhero team getting interviewed by a TV crew part as well.

5 The Woes of Sharing A Name

“Fourteen walk-ins that wanted “The Real Hawkeye,” twelve of them so they could “punch him in the face,” and seven people looking for an optometrist.” – Hawkeye Vol. 5

As comic fans, most of us know the pain of trying to talk about our favorite characters that share a similar name/mantle. But can you imagine how much worse it would be if you were the one to actually have to do the sharing?

Kate Bishop is not the only Hawkeye, and that creates some problems. Okay, a lot of problems. This quote does an excellent job of summing up most of said problems, while also showing off her frustration on the matter.

4 Tip Your Waitress

Man, Kate really knows how to walk away with style, doesn’t she? She literally just sauntered in, saved the day, and left. All while handing out an awesome (and helpful) one-liner. Okay, maybe it was more than one line. But you get the point.

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This is basically the sassy equivalent to walking away from an explosion (without looking at it, of course). She’s just so badass and funny, all at the same time. Also, she advocates for tipping waiters and waitresses, which is pretty awesome.

3 Don’t Call Her Girl Hawkeye

“Fifteen-to-one! Are you kidding me?! I’m freaking Hawkeye! And what’s that “THE GIRL ONE” in parentheses supposed to mean?! And who the heck is Clem?!” – Hawkeye Vol. 5

Seriously, don’t call her ‘Girl Hawkeye.’ And yes, that statement does apply to the creators of her series, as this quote was so kind to point out. Apparently Kate is willing to call out anyone and everyone that does that.

Frankly, we love it. There’s a lot that should and could be said on this subject, but Kate did it best, so we’re going to let her run with this one.

2 So Dramatic

Can you imagine trying to create a team (of whatever you can think of), only to find that most of the people you called were busy, off-planet, or dead? We imagine your reaction would probably be horror or sadness.

But not for Kate Bishop! She’s just going to roll with the punches and sum it all up in the sassiest way possible. Granted, in the world of comic books, being off-planet or dead is very different. But still.

1 Cutting Wolverine to the Quick

“Blah blah blah — I’m grim and serious Wolverine, I hunt alone — blah blah — except now I’m even grimmer and more serious because I’m like, ninety years old now — blah blah. Let’s just cut to the part where I wear you down with my adorable precociousness and you reluctantly agree to team up, okay?” – Wolverine: Old Man Logan Vol. 1: Berzerker

It takes some serious guts to sass Wolverine. Thankfully, Kate Bishop has exactly that. She’s not afraid to say it how it is, even to his face. Nor is she afraid to consider herself adorable or outright state the situation.

On the bright side, that makes for a lot of fun for us readers. As well as creating several gems, such as this one. So, thanks for that.

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Kate Bishop is fierce in more ways than one. She has a tongue as sharp as her arrow shooting skills and she showcases it quite often.

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