Hazbin Hotel: 10 Amazing Cosplays That Look Just Like The Characters

To quote a pompous serpent, “In war, the side remembered is the side with the most style.” Now whether that holds any merit is certainly up for debate. What is certain is that the fans of Hazbin Hotel have got style in spades.

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Even though the show’s pilot spent years in development hell, no pun intended, that didn’t stop fans from taking what they’ve seen from previews into some killer cosplay. Whether it be main characters like Charlie or Angest Dust to obscure background characters that have yet to make an appearance. The following ten cosplayers went above and beyond to look just like the characters.

10 Keikocosplay

Starting us off, Keikocosplay brings Charlie to life with her cosplay. It’s a simple look of Charlie in her more casual clothes but the attention to detail is still there. She replicates Charlie’s pale complexion, black lipstick, and cherry red dimples nicely without going overboard and making them garish. She remembered to add the suspenders and bowtie, and the fangs look realistic. This might be a subtle editing trick but she even has a twinkle in her eye showcasing the innocence and hope that Charlie emanates.

9 Tiger.in.the.forest & Evil_dietrich

According to @Tiger.in.the.forest, this is what they think Charlie would use for her posters advertising the hotel. Which makes sense, given that Angel Dust and Alastor know how to arouse attention in people, especially when they’re dressed by Tiger and @Evil_dietrich respectively. The two have gone all out with their costumes and their accessories. Even Angel’s extra arms look realistic posed in a manner fitting of his saucy character and they even got his chest floof. The only inaccuracy here is that Alastor would never let Angel use his lap like that but that can be overlooked.

8 Osanoblu

Here we have Osanoblu who posted a side by side picture of Charlie and Vaggie. It’s not specified if these are two different people or the same person but it’s safe to say Osanoblu was one of the two. Either way, they manage to reflect the differences between the girls.

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Charlie is well-dressed, short hair, and looking to the left whereas Vaggie is more casual with her sleeveless top, long untamed hair looking to the right. A clever way to show off their fashion sense and personalities. Yet both have a heavenly glow to them suggesting there is an inner beauty inside of them.

7 Lordkarpador

Knocking it out of the park is Lordkarpador on Instagram with their Cherri Bomb costume. From the freckles to the unibrow, they captured every single detail of this demon. While it would have been easy to just make a fake eyeball with construction paper, they designed their own mask to make their costume more authentic. Mix that in with her confident pose and a baseball bat and she looks like someone Harley would work with. If you think that’s something, you should see their Angel Dust cosplay.

6 Misurichan

It’s truly amazing what can be done with a little editing. Misurichan_ dressed as both Charlie and Alastor for this photoshoot. There’s not a flaw in the costumes or the hair and the complexion match the characters perfectly. The smiling shadow behind Alastor is brilliant hinting at his shadow powers. What stands out about this is how Charlie and Alastor are both fixing their bow ties. Whereas Charlie seems to be genuinely fix hers, Alastor looks like he’s mocking her by copying her. An apt representation of the two’s relationship.

5 Chaotiksab

Many have tried to pull off the regal look of this kingpin but chaotiksab went above and beyond with the clothing. From the pinstripe suit to the detailed top hat, it’s clear a lot of love and attention was put into this cosplay. The claws are a nice touch though it looks like they were taken from another costume.

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The yellow hood is easy to miss but adds authenticity to the attire and the backdrop brings the entire ensemble together. With some more time and resources they’d probably be able to get the tail right too.

4 Serhii.Sparda

The impeccably dressed Serhii.sparda wows us with their Alastor cosplay reaching out to make a deal. The background looks like it was ripped out of Charlie’s hotel and the menacing lighting feels like a scene from a Tim Burton film. As for Alastor, his ashy skin tone, sharp teeth, and deer antlers really sell the inhuman vibe. The tilted dutch angle is an interesting choice that makes the picture feel off. Every element of this picture comes together to warn us not to make a deal with a being strong enough to instill fear in hell’s mightiest demons.

3 yuki_tsukishima

Even though Charlie’s father only appeared briefly in a portrait, that didn’t stop @yuki_tsukishima from cosplaying as Lucifer. The white in their attire pops out and their hairstyle identical to the king of hell. The apple on the cane is shiny and enticing, reflecting how Hell’s ruler knows how to tempt people. The shark-toothed grin is seamlessly hiding their lips. Hopefully Lucifer will be making more appearances on the show so we can get more costumes like this.

2 Lunaticarrot

Most characters like Niffty and Husk didn’t receive as much screentime as the rest of the cast. Yet Niffty managed to shine in her short appearance and fans fell for this adorably psychotic neatfreak. They loved her so much, cosplayers like Lunaticarrot couldn’t resist dressing up as her.

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Dressed as the neat-freak Niffty, this shot was completed with the help of Lordkapador and @Countess_of_whatever. The high angle makes her look like she is as small as her cute, cuddly, clean character. Even more impressive is that we don’t see the camera’s reflection.

1 Elsapatrick.cosplay

Recreating one of the most memorable bits from the pilot Elsapatrick.cosplay does an astonishing job. Not only are the costumes perfect replicas from the show but even the backdrop is identical to the scene. Right down to the lighting and color scheme. Angel’s lower arms are even in the exact same position as the screenshot. Now that’s commitment to recreating a scene! It’s crystal clear what these good fellows can do, and its cosplay!

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The fans of Hazbin Hotel have got style in spades. Here are some of the best cosplays resembling the characters.

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