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Most shows take years to develop their fanbase, and in a way, that is what happened to Vivziepop. After spending years assembling a team, teasing viewers with snippets of the pilot, and working tirelessly to perfect her passion project, Hazbin Hotel was finally released and premiered on Youtube.

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Six months later, the thirty-minute pilot has received 32 million views and gained notoriety across the internet. Partly because of all the fan art that’s been made of the demonic yet likable characters. Here are just ten examples of the astonishing artwork that’s been made.


ADTAG has Charlie singing alongside her new business partner, Alastor. It’s a cute piece that manages to highlight the contrast between the two demons. Charlie is singing her heart out like the Disney princess that she is complete with a rainbow light shining down on her.

All the while, Alastor is in the shadows looking down on her figuratively and literally with a condescending look. Only time will tell what the Radio Demon has in store for her, but at least we can pass the time with art like this.

9 Kaigetsudo

Charlie’s fiery passion flares up in this picture by Kaigetsudo on Deviantart. Charlie stands at the forefront with arms outstretched as if she’s welcoming the world with a big hug. Behind her, everyone has their eyes on the hotel manager, each with their own plans in mind. In a way, it also looks like they’re staring back at you.

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The music notes floating is a nice touch that makes it feel like music is quite literally all around them. The Satanic pentagram and heart also depicts her demonic heritage and her selfless nature. It’s a great pic and looks like something that could be made into a T-shirt.

8 MaruVillarejo

Charlie wraps up her co-workers in a big group hug in this picture by MaruVillarejo. Even with dagger-like teeth, Charlie looks as adorable as ever, and Vaggie flashes a very rare smile. Alastor is chilling with his off-putting grin while towering over the cinnamon bun that is Charlie.

As for Angel, he is as aloof as ever with no care for people’s personal space who doesn’t want to be left out of the action. Shame we couldn’t fit more characters in, but that’s not a problem for the next entry.

7 Ashezfordayz

It’s a tad claustrophobic, but Ashesfordayz managed to cram every character from the pilot into this portrait. Whereas the last picture had too much space, there’s barely any in this one! It’s a busy photo with almost every characters’ eyeline hinting their relationship with one another.

Cherri Bomb and Sir Pentious glare at each other as rivals, Katie Killjoy eyes Charlie with skepticism, Vaggie and Alastor stare each other down in a battle of wits, and Angel glances at a disinterested Husk. On top of all that, the backdrop is littered with Pentious’s Egg Bois, though they aren’t the weirdest things to show up in Hell.

6 The-Narv

When we are first introduced to Charlie, Vaggie, and Angel Dust, they are in a grim situation. It looks like no one believes in their hotel. Then, who should appear but the Radio Demon himself to come to the rescue, sort of. Reddit user The-Narv manages to capture that in this photo, with Alastor standing above the trio beaming with personality.

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This is certainly ironic since Alastor is by no means a savior and wants them to fail just like any other demon. Still, he’s the best they got so beggars can’t be choosers.

5 Lucky-chandl

Alastor may be a mysterious demon with unfathomable power and a sinister agenda, but he sure knows how to throw together a musical number. This blacklight-style artwork inspired by Alastor’s music number was done by lucky-chandl.

The picture radiates the fun and whimsy of Alastor’s electro-swing number and recreates the outfits he gives the staff. The only unhappy face in the bunch is Vaggie, who is rightfully distrustful of the Radio Demon. If this is all some sort of ruse, Alastor has us all fooled hook, line, and sinker.


The LGBT members of the hotel staff are living it up and showing off their colors fly in this piece by FDOP. While Angel Dust makes it no secret that he prefers the company of men, many people have overlooked the fact that Charlie and Vaggie are in a relationship.

Vivziepop has confirmed that the two are canonically dating, although it has not been stated outright in the pilot. The three look marvelous in their respective outfits as Angel continues to antagonize Vaggie even when they’re getting drinks. If Angel doesn’t move though, the only thing he’ll be served is a lot of pain.

3 Saij-SpellHart/ ThatSaltyBobcat

Here we have a picture inspired by Alastor’s song with him dancing with an overjoyed Charlie. Maybe it’s because someone wants to help her with her dream, or maybe she’s just glad there’s someone who enjoys spontaneously breaking out into song like her. The pink lighting is rather soothing and creates a disarming atmosphere.

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Whatever the case, the artist did an excellent work drawing the excitement and glee in the princess. This collab was done with Saij-Spellhart drawing the characters, and ThatSaltyBobcat colored it in and designed the background. As for Alastor, his demonic eyes and razor-sharp teeth are sinister, yet somehow he still comes off as non-threatening and trustworthy. Then again, looks can be deceiving.

2 MidoriEyes

If you want to know where the rum is, look for Husk. If you want to see what the demonic staff of the Hazbin Hotel would look like as pirates, check out MidoriEyes. The low angle gives us the impression that we are actually climbing aboard the ship with the crew focusing their attention on us.

With Niffty scuttling along the ship, Alastor standing proudly, giving Jack Sparrow a run for his money, and Husk on the lookout, everyone seems to be handling the switch well. The only exception being Charlie. Poor, seasick Charlie.

1 AustinKalista

The staff of the Hazbin Hotel has it all! They got spunk, they got moxie, and they got talent! Or at least, AustinKalista seems to think so. They managed to fit a role for everyone in the pilot, including their critics. It’s a fun, manic picture that captures the show’s tone nicely, but its more than that.

The artist drew this as a gift to the Hazbin crew for inspiring them to pursue their own interests and make their own art. It makes you think how much projects like these can impact people.

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Despite only having one episode, Hazbin Hotel has managed to gain a huge fan base, some of which have created incredible fan art for the show.

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