HBO's Run Delivers a Crushing Blow to Ruby – and There's No Coming Back

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of HBO’s Run.

HBO’s Run continues to paint a grim picture for Billy (Domhnall Gleeson) and Ruby (Merritt Wever) as they escape their lives to go on a trek across America. They’ve abandoned everything and everyone back home, riding a train to Chicago because of a pact made when they were younger.

However, in trying to rekindle their love, skeletons in their closets threaten to upend this idealistic romantic adventure they think will give their lives meaning once again. And the latest episode, “Chase,” deals Ruby a crushing blow she may never recover from.

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Ruby’s husband, Laurence (Rich Sommer), finally appears onscreen after he only chatted with his wife via call and text in the previous three episodes. He’s been worried sick, frantic, but now he’s bitter after realizing she walked out on him and their two sons. When Ruby met Alice, aka Billy’s personal assistant in disguise, Fiona (Archie Panjabi), she made it clear she was bored and married way too young. Billy himself ran an online search after secretly finding out about the family Ruby’s keeping secret and discovered her husband’s a stereotypical all-American type who he knows just isn’t right for Ruby. Ruby, herself, admitted she married for financial security after tanking in architecture school, but she’s still torn about leaving her family behind.

Ultimately, Ruby’s actions have consequences, and when she tries to call home, she discovers Laurence’s voicemail message lets everyone who calls him know she ran off. She’s heartbroken and after multiple calls, she finally gets in touch with her spouse. Notably, he asks her if she’s having another episode, hinting Ruby either has a mental disorder or she’s done this before. Now, it seems whatever other secret she’s hiding is going to be exposed back home. Admittedly, one has to wonder if Ruby thought Laurence would just keep her actions hush-hush forever. But then again, Ruby’s been so deluded and impulsive, she really doesn’t have a plan for life in general. It doesn’t matter if it’s back home or on this tryst, Ruby’s making it up as she goes along.

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In their conversation, Laurence indicates he changed the voicemail message back, but he couldn’t answer Ruby over the last 24 hours because their eldest son broke his hand. She demands to speak to the boy but he’s not that interested. When he finally gets on the phone, he reveals since Ruby left a few days ago, Laurence brought in a younger, blue-haired nanny and she’s done a great job. Ruby’s reaction indicates Laurence might have had younger girls on the side, but she can’t call him out on any potential infidelities given what she’s doing.

She can sense the family doesn’t miss her that much and her spouse has begun to replace her. Sure, it’s quick but you can tell Laurence doesn’t want to put up with her antics, whether it’s cheating or a mental breakdown. He doesn’t come off as the kind of person who believes in mid-life crises, and as Ruby’s as unstable as ever, Laurence may well be shutting the door on her return forever. Now, she might be stuck with having to work on a future with Billy, which he says he does want. But he’s also lying about certain ghosts of old, and after Fiona said there’s a lot more to Billy’s scheme to run away with Ruby than meets the eye, the untrustworthy Ruby begins to ponder if she can place faith in an equally shady Billy.

Starring Merritt Wever and Domhnall Gleeson, Run airs Sundays on HBO at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT.

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HBO's Run deals Ruby a crushing blow from back home after she left her family high and dry, and it's one that there won't be any coming back from.

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