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Occasionally, a game will drop on Steam with zero hype that catchess the Internet’s attention. This time, it’s a radical little puzzle game called Helltaker.

Made by a small team under the name “vanripper,” Helltaker is a short yet comedic puzzle game about a Johnny Bravo-Esque dude venturing into Hell to collect a harem of demon girls. The game isn’t terribly long — it takes about an hour or two (or longer if you’re bad at puzzle games) to complete — but its challenging puzzles and snazzy art make players want to see it to the end. The game is currently completely free on Steam, so the only investment is a player’s time and patience.

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That said, the puzzles have more of a bite than it seems at first, as the difficulty really starts to ramp up by the third chapter. The player can’t simply slam their head in every direction trying to reach the end, as they only have a limited amount of moves per turn before they have to retry the level. Luckily, the player is more than motivated to solve each puzzle, as doing so grants them another “snazzy” demon girl to befriend.

Helltaker‘s demon girls are all cutely drawn and very expressive, as their goofy personalities all balance each other quite well. Zdrara, for instance, is a snarky punk who loves to torment her sister, Malina, a frustrated demon who loves turn-based strategy games. There’s also Pandemonica, a tired, workaholic demon who seems quite docile (until she gets her morning cup of coffee).

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Then there’s the elegant CEO of Hell, Lucifer, whose cold exterior hides her red hot temper — which sparks when people don’t follow her orders. All the demons get their fair share of time to shine for such a short game. It’s also worth mentioning that their designs manage to stick out, while still fitting the snazzy, sharply-dressed tone of the game.

Helltaker also allows players who might get frustrated with a certain puzzle to skip them in order to play the dialogue scenes with demon girls. Honestly, this is a nice touch to add for people charmed the characters and silly story. For anyone who’s a fan of puzzles, turn-based strategies and/or demon girls in suits, Helltaker is a game worth the free journey to Hell.

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Helltaker is a puzzle game where players collect a harem of demon girls and it's worth the time and patience.

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