Hercules: Twitter Is Already Fancasting Disney's Live-Action Muses

A new rumor suggests that the most recent addition to the list of Disney live-action remakes is Hercules. Of course, as is par the course with the announcement of a new remake, social media is buzzing with potential castings for the project.

The most prominent fancasting has been a flurry of potential actress/singers to play the Muses. A number of names have been tossed into the ring, with Glee actress Amber Riley being the most notable. But who else do people think would absolutely slay the roles of the musical beauties?

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Hercules was one of the films included in what is referred to as the Disney Renaissance, which was the period between 1989 and 1999 that produced what are considered to be some of the company’s best films. The film follows a young Hercules as he learns of his true heritage, and attempts to determine whether he belongs on Earth or on Mount Olympus. The animated film featured some big Hollywood names, including Tate Donovan as Hercules, James Woods as Hades, Danny DeVito as Philoctetes and Rip Torn as Zeus.

While Twitter has been debating on the recasting of the various characters, the focus has largely been on who should play the five Muses, who serve as the narrators for the film, and who sing many of the film’s major songs. One of the most notable aspects of Hercules was the elaborate musical numbers, so the pressure is on for Disney to properly cast these fan-favorite characters.

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Amber Riley, known for her breakout role as Mercedes Jones in the Ryan Murphy series Glee, is one of Twitter’s top choices for a role as a Muse, specifically Thalia, the Goddess of Comedy who is the only member of the group to be portrayed as a full-figured woman. Many fans are even arguing over whether or not this Muse should be played by Lizzo, and seem to have trouble choosing between the two.

It’s clear that since Disney chose to depict the Muses in the animated film as black women with incredible, powerful voices, they really have no choice but to carry over that depiction to a live-action adaptation. This is especially pertinent due to the criticisms of Disney casting ethnically inappropriate actors to portray non-white characters in their films, for example, Billy Magnussen playing a price in Aladdin. But who would be the perfect casting for these five women? Well, Twitter has some strong opinions.

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The fact is, Amber Riley would definitely make a perfect Muse. She was one of the top voices on Glee, quickly becoming a fan-favorite of the series. She also absolutely killed her performance of “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen during the April 17th Disney Family Singalong, which featured a number of celebrities covering famous Disney songs. But even after potentially choosing Amber Riley, there are still four more spots available. Other notable social media suggestions include Lizzo, Kelly Rowland, Keke Palmer, Jennifer Hudson, Sza, Cynthia Erivo, Janelle Monae, Anika Rose and Brandy.

Disney has a lot of room to play with the Muse casting, given that it’s an opportunity to showcase both seasoned and new talent. But they also have room to go even further. In the spirit of inclusivity, the studio could cast a male Muse, and who better than Billy Porter to take on the role. Not to mention, social media has been buzzing about his upcoming portrayal of a genderless Fairy Godmother in the Cinderella live-action adaptation. Really, when it comes to the casting of the Muses, options are seemingly endless.

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With the news of a live-action adaptation of Disney's Hercules being in the works, Twitter has been buzzing with potential fancastings.

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