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The video game world has been buzzing ever since Sega stated that it will be making a “revolutionary” announcement later this week. The legendary gaming company will release its game-changing statement on June 4, and rumors have been circulating the internet ever since the news surfaced.

All the hype surrounding Sega’s announcement started last week when gaming journalist Zenji Nishikawa stated that he has an exclusive scoop about Sega that will “rile up the game industry.” Nishikawa writes for the highly acclaimed Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, and the news will be part of the magazine’s June 4 issue. While no one really knows what Sega is planning, it hasn’t stopped fans from theorizing what the big news could be.

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Some hopeful gamers think Sega might be planning a new console. Sega was once one of the biggest video game console manufacturers in the world, even surpassing Nintendo for a time in some areas. However, it’s been over 20 years since the company released its last console, and some die-hard Sega fans believe a new console is long overdue.

Sega’s last console, the Sega Dreamcast, didn’t fail because it was a terrible product, but rather due to mismanagement and poor planning. The Dreamcast came out just before the PlayStation 2, which went on to become the bestselling video game console of all time, and the PS2’s DVD player helped drive up its sales. The lack of this technology severely hindered the Dreamcast’s sales despite it having a slew of amazing games. There is no telling what could have happened with the Dreamcast if the legendary company had managed the system better. While this is incredibly unlikely and probably wishful thinking on the part of some fans, Sega releasing a new console would certainly fit qualify as a “revolutionary” announcement.

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Other fans believe Sega might be getting ready to team up with another big-name video game company: Microsoft. For a while now, there have been rumors circulating that Microsoft plans to purchase Sega, something that wouldn’t come completely out of the blue considering the companies have worked together in the past. Microsoft has always struggled to attract a Japanese audience with its Xbox systems, so having the iconic Sega name attached to it and exclusive games might help to capture the market.

Some have gone so far as to suggest that Microsoft could release the Xbox Series X under the Sega name in Japan. This might be a smart move since Sega is a Japanese company with a huge following in its home country. Sega consoles once sold reasonably well in Japan, so consumers who would have otherwise overlooked Microsoft’s next-gen console might give it a second glance if it is attached to the Sega brand. If this is the case, it would explain why the announcement is taking place in a Japanese magazine rather than a platform with a worldwide audience.

Of course, nobody really knows what Sega’s big announcement is save for Zenji Nishikawa and Sega itself. These are just a few of the popular rumors going around right now, and the actual announcement may not have anything to do with hardware. Another rumor making waves across the Internet is that Sega could resurrect a dormant franchise, something that’s just as speculative as any other theory. Regardless, one thing is for certain: Sega fans are optimistic about what the company has in store for the future.

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Sega is making a “revolutionary” announcement this week, leading to much speculation regarding what it could be. Here's what we suspect it could be.

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