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To celebrate a late Star Wars Day (i.e. May the 4th), and ironically coming a day after the last episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars aired, Screen Junkies has released an Honest Trailer for a much older Clone Wars entry: the 2003 mircoseries.

Described as “the original adaptation of a throwaway line of dialogue in A New Hope,” Epic Voice Guy compliments how completely “balls-to-the-wall” the original Clone Wars show was, easily one of its highlights. Animation director Genndy Tartakovsky used Samurai Jack as a template for most of Clone Wars’ over-the-top action sequences, an idea captured in shot-to-shot juxtapositions. The video also notes the irony of how Star Wars, a franchise inspired by samurai movies, was adapted into animation from a director famous for his sci-fi show featuring a samurai.

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Honest Trailers also lampoons a handful of issues from Clone Wars that are a byproduct of the prequel films; character interactions still come across as stilted, Anakin Skywalker is described as “somehow even whinier” and the Clones’ battle tactics against droids are limited to “charging into them at full speed.” Likewise, the lack of Darth Sidious in action means Clone Wars mainly focused on Count Dooku and other Separatist side villains like Sith apprentice Assaj Ventress, bounty hunter Durge and a more agile General Grevious.

Star Wars: Clone Wars aired between 2003-2005, serving as a narrative bridge between the events of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Described as a microseries rather than a miniseries, the show’s first two seasons were between three to five minutes long, while the third season’s episodes lasted 12 minutes.

Clone Wars was eventually written out of Star Wars canon after Disney bought the franchise rights and replaced the Expanded Universe with The Clone Wars timeline. Despite this, Genndy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars retains a sizable following amongst Star Wars fans for keeping the franchise engaging during the prequel era.

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With The Clone Wars over on Disney+, Honest Trailer looks back at the older Clone Wars storyline that preceded it during the prequel era.

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