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Today, we look at the amazing comic book that showed us one of the greatest quotes in comic book history (and the opening line to my second book), “I’ve got the strangest feeling I’m being turned into a puppet.”

Flash #133 (by John Broome, Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella) opens with Abra Kadabra hypnotizing the governor into pardoning him. He then starts a puppet show where Flash is the butt of the jokes…

Here’s the first bizarre thing. This is seriously his plan. To start a popular puppet show making fun of the Flash. He’s not breaking any laws, he’s just mocking the Flash.

And the Flash? HE CAN’T STAND IT!!

He hates being mocked so much that he decides to do extra crimefighting so that no one in Central City could possibly want to laugh at him, as he’s so successful fighting crime that everyone is captivated with news stories of his successes and they don’t have time to watch the puppet show, so Kadabra has lost 90% of his sales.

So, Kadabra’s plot has made the Flash a BETTER crimefighter? And this is a BAD thing? And why does the Flash need to be mocked to become a better crimefighter?

Anyhow, Abra Kadabra has plastered posters all over town to try to counteract Flash’s crimefighting PR campaign and as Flash runs by one, he realizes that it is the REAL Abra Kadabra, who promptly turns the Flash into a puppet!

Abra Kadabra then has the real Flash star in his puppet show and without Flash fighting crime to counteract it, it becomes a hit again…

Luckily, the Flash’s brain is so powerful that he activates his puppet body! What a sight!

He then cures himself…

Iris can’t go an issue without being a bit of a jerk.

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In their spotlight on bizarrely awesome comics, CSBG shows the story of how the Flash was turned into a puppet by Abra Kadabra.

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