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The Simpsons has earned itself a reputation in recent years for predicting the future, especially after an episode about President Trump’s election came true. Now, curious fans can view these predictions laid out in a graph, thanks to Simpsons fan and data visualization specialist Seffana Mohamed-Ajaz.

Ajaz is a graduate of the United Kingdom’s Data School, a company that teaches its students how to use data visualization programs like Tableau, which Ajaz used to create her Simpsons graph. The graph is interactive, and displays the thirty-one seasons of The Simpsons at the top, and then the years 1989 through 2020 (the years the show has been on the air) at the bottom.

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Each “prediction” in the yellow-toned graph is represented by a line which starts out at its season and then crosses over to the year the prediction came to pass. When selected, a description of the prediction pops up at the top, highlighted in blue.

The graph makes it easy to see that most of The Simpsons‘ predictions are placed in the early and middle years of the show, with the number of predictions dropping off as years go by. In addition, most predictions come true quite a few years later, with the average amount of time being twelve years.

Both of these observations lend credence to the idea that The Simpsons‘ “prescience” is simply a virtue of how long the show has been on the air. Simpsons writer Al Jean has even stated as much, saying, “If you make enough predictions then 10% will turn out to be right.”

While this graph might not give an exact figure as to the percentage of the show’s accuracy, it certainly shows the breadth and depth of the its history, with over thirty years and nearly forty predictions under its belt.

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The Simpsons has a weird knack for predicting the future – and now a fan has created a graph that shows how long each prediction took to come true.

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