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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of Dead to Me, now available on Netflix.

Netflix’s Dead to Me, much like the first season, ends with a bang as Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardinelli) find themselves in another sticky situation. They’ve been crashed into by Ben (James Marsden), the twin of Steve whom they buried in the LA forest.

However, both parties don’t recognize each other as the ladies are barely conscious, while Ben’s drunk which leads to him fleeing the scene of the crime. Seeing as Ben just found out the cops dug up Steve’s body, and Jen’s son, Charlie, also uncovered her confession letters about how she killed Steve last season, let’s look at how all this chaos sets up Season 3.

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The writers seem to be setting Jen up with some sort of amnesia. After the crash, she doesn’t know anything or even, Judy. This would be a cool way of having her and Charlie iron out their issues so he can see she’s still a good person once you strip away the killing. Steve confronted and abused her, which is why Detective Perez let Jen go rather than taking her in. This would also be intriguing as everyone would have to recount to her how Judy hit her husband and killed him, how they eventually became friends and then, how Jen murdered Steve (Judy’s ex).

As for Charlie, it’s a long road for him to build trust in her again as he suspected she was shady, but never did he think she could be a murderer. Jen and Judy got hit in a car Judy bought for him, though, so Judy will surely be trying to patch their relationship up as she considers them family. To add another layer, Ben and Jen embarked on a romance so both will have skeletons in the closet if they’re to pursue something as clues could arise to reveal the truth about who killed Steve.

Ben’s the show’s most altruistic person as he was trying to solve Steve’s disappearance while taking care of their mom. He also encouraged Judy to find a better love than Steve and he broke Jen out her funk. But this alcoholic relapse is going to be big for him as he swore liquor off after it caused a fight with him and Steve years ago. And, unfortunately, they never got to reconcile, so this death hit him hard.

He’ll now have to contend with a broken nose and a hit-and-run, so unless there’s no CCTV footage around, he’ll be going through a guilt trip as well. Watching him keeping the secret will be funny but it won’t be from just the women. Ben will also need to keep the secret from his mother who was already depressed. His road to redemption will be easier, though, as he didn’t kill anyone, but we’re sure he’ll be hard on himself. Fans are also eager to see how he’ll react if he finds out Jen killed his twin, and how far they’ll go to keep secrets from each other.

Judy’s life spiraled into a million different directions as her girlfriend, Michelle, was actually living with Perez. Michelle and Perez dated and the cop initially warned Michelle to stay away from Judy. But she eventually warmed up to Judy after she let Jen go, realizing they were victims of toxic males. A third season can focus on this love triangle again, but Judy will have to work hard to win Michelle back, especially as the latter’s mom isn’t well.

Judy also came into money Steve hid in her paintings and seeing as her imprisoned mom’s actually hitting her up for cash to get a better lawyer, there’s more drama to mine there. Judy said she’d stay away but we know her heart’s too big and she could be used again. Another arc with potential is this money that Steve was laundering for the Greek mafia. Judy found Steve’s evidence and exposed corrupt cops, which encouraged Perez to return the paintings, so one has to feel the mafia will be coming for revenge as Judy’s thrown their operations into disarray.

Charlie actually took Steve’s Benz for a joyride around LA, assuming his mom hid it in storage as his birthday gift. His girl, Heidi, took pics of them and posted them to Instagram, causing Jen to pay her to take them down. Charlie dumping Heidi later on then resulted in her sending the evidence over to Perez’s team, so while Perez might be able to ignore CCTV footage, she can’t do anything if Heidi leaks the raw photos.

She obviously still has them on her phone and it’s more than likely Jen and Judy are going to have to find a way to get the device and delete them. It could even involve Charlie coming back to seduce Heidi so he can save his own skin. This evidence will be crucial now that Steve’s body has been found as it incriminates Charlie as well as the women. Jen shouldn’t have taken Steve’s car and hid it after she killed him, so once new cops follow the CCTV footage thereafter, Perez won’t be able to cover for them anymore.

Dead to Me stars Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini, James Marsden, Sam McCarthy and Luke Roessler. Season 2 is now available on Netflix.

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Netflix's Dead to Me sets up an intriguing Season 3 after a key corpse has been discovered due to another dramatic hit-and-run.

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