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Hunter X Hunter is one of the greats when it comes to shonen anime, especially with the popularity of the 2011 anime adaptation. Sure, the manga has been going on/off hiatus constantly over the years, and there are so many characters in the story its hard to keep track, but it’s still quite the fantastic narrative.

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One character that always caught audiences’ eyes, whether it was the manga or either of the two anime adaptations, was Melody. Melody is a Music Hunter who has such a sweet soul considering her dark past. This character deserves all the happiness in the world, and here are some facts people might not know about Kurapika’s right-hand woman.

10 She’s Playing The Flute Through Her Front Teeth

Melody is a master musician who was transformed due to hearing one part of what is called the “Sonata of Darkness,” a musical piece said to be created by the devil himself. It is theorized that Melody used to be quite the beauty but has now been forced into this form. In it, she has these buck teeth that seem to be right in the way of her flute playing.

Yet, when we see her playing “A Field In Spring” for Kurapika, she simply puts the flute to her teeth and starts to play? Maybe a true master can learn to play just as well as she used to by blowing air through her two buck teeth. It quite frankly feels more like Yoshihiro Togashi, the author of HxH, simply didn’t think about this detail when designing the character.

9 She’s More Disfigured Than You’d Expect

As mentioned previously, Melody was apparently quite beautiful with, by all accounts, a “normal” body. Unfortunately, after hearing the Sonata of Darkness she was transformed, and not in a powerful way like Mereum or “Youpi.”

The transformation goes further than the obvious parts of Melody’s appearance like her short stature, balding head, or buck teeth. No, her disfigurement is only seen in shadow when she reveals her arm to Kurapika and it seems to have chunks taken out of it. This just goes to show that Melody is most likely suffering from the pain of a broken body underneath her normal clothes.

8 It All Started With A Drunken Night Messing Around

So, the tragic backstory of Melody is only very briefly covered in the anime, and many people sort of missed the details behind it. Hunter X Hunter has a reputation for killing off established characters like its nothing or giving people completely tragic backstories and never addressing it again. Melody is one of those examples.

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Basically, the catalyst for her life purpose and the entire reason she was cursed is due to her getting drunk with a fellow musician who happened to have the Sonata Of Darkness. And, while inebriated, this musician thought it was a good idea to play the piece which led to them getting so disfigured that they passed away and Melody barely survived.

7 She Can Communicate Using High Pitched Sounds

So, the only real benefit that came from the “curse” given to Melody through the Sonata of Darkness was supernatural hearing. Melody can now hear things at such an absurdly minute level she can tell the difference between the heartbeat of a person who is lying and one who is telling the truth.

And that’s not all, in the manga, Melody even goes so far as to give her client a high-pitched sound-making device they can use to communicate with her and only her at any time.

6 But Those Same Sounds Can Overwhelm Her

But, just like any supernatural sense, it can be overwhelmed just as easily. Melody has been overwhelmed by both too much noise and noises that are too horrible to hear. For example, when Chrollo and Kurapika, who want to kill each other, are in the same car both their heartbeats are so calm that Melody finds it unbearably uncomfortable.

It just goes to show that while this power might be superhuman now, it probably started as more of a curse than a blessing, and Melody likely had to train quite hard to use it effectively.

5 She Uses Musical Lingo In Everyday Conversation

Just like how Killua seems to tie everything back to assassination somehow because that’s what he knows, Melody always has an analogy or comparison to music ready for any and all situations. The master Music Hunter obviously knows her stuff and constantly uses terms specific to those in the musical field.

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It’s not like she’s alienating anyone by using this terminology, as she usually explains the term after she uses it. Rather, she uses it because she doesn’t know of any other way. Melody grew up as a musician and it only makes sense this would be the way she talks after being around them her whole life.

4 This Musician Can Tell The Difference Between Footsteps

This next entry is just another deep dive into one of Melody’s many hearing-based powers. Essentially, over time, the woman turned her curse of hearing everything into a blessing that is capable of telling her anything about a person based on their heartbeat rhythm and footsteps. It’s truly one of the more interesting powers in the series and shockingly has nothing to do with her Nen abilities.

Eventually, Melody learned to pick up on the subtle differences between each individual’s footsteps and can now pick out any footsteps from a crowd that she’s heard before. If she wasn’t such a kind soul, Melody would be amazing in the assassination world.

3 Her Music Can Calm Any Rage

This is Melody’s Nen ability. Melody is an Emitter type, meaning she uses her Nen outwardly in a special sort of way. And, of course, her power is music-based. Essentially, Melody emits Nen while playing music that can evoke different emotions to those who are within earshot. Honestly, her ability always sounded more like a Trasmutatator’s (like Killua) than an Emitter’s, but the results cannot be argued against.

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Melody uses her music to calm many conflicts over her appearances, and it is said by characters in the story that if this concert was broadcasted, she could likely put thousands into a trance at once. It’s a powerful ability that seems to be misunderstood as something purely support-based.

2 Despite Her Gentle Appearance, She Has No Qualms About Murder

Notice how it keeps being said that Melody is a kind soul and a genuinely good person? Well, she is, but to survive as a Hunter in the HxH world, you need to get used to killing. Even Gon and Killua, two literal children, are forced into murder by adults. And it’s clear that Melody is used to murdering as well.

Melody is not even briefly taken aback by Kurapika implying he’d kill her (which he probably could) if she revealed his secret and she doesn’t try to stop Kurapika at all from killing the Phantom Troupe, rather she just wants to make sure Kurapika is safe.

1 She’s The Only Known Music Hunter

Did you know that there are sub-genres of Hunters in HxH? It’s true, there are any variety of Hunters from Gourmet Hunters to Ruins Hunters, with a fair few of them being the only ones to hold their titles. For example, Saccho, the Horse Zodiac, is the only known “Trouble Hunter” in the association.

With something as varied as music, one might assume there would be more than just Melody. However, there is not. As far as we could find, she’s the only Musical Hunter in the entirety association. The only other character that would even qualify is Bonolenov Ndongo of the Phantom Troupe who has an entire body dedicated to the art of making music, but he’s a bit busy being a criminal like Hisoka.

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Here are 10 lesser-known facts about Hunter x Hunter's Music Hunter, Melody.

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