Injustice: 10 Times Wonder Woman Was The Biggest Villain In The Series

In the world of DC Comics, two things are absolute: you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. Nothing could be more true of the Injustice series arc, which debuted as a video game developed by NetherRealms in 2013 before launching into a transmedia franchise.

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For the uninitiated, Injustice is about what happens when Superman decides to take over the world and rule with an iron fist — a path initiated by the Joker who tricks the last son of Krypton into murdering his pregnant wife Lois Lane by using Scarecrow’s fear gas. Because of this, Superman decides humanity would be better off under the thumb of superior beings like himself, setting out to police the world through fear and murder. And right there with him is none other than the princess of Themyscira, Diana Prince, serving as hand of the king. A hand that, in many ways, is ten times worse than the Kryptonian leader of Earth’s new regime. Just how evil is Wonder Woman in Injustice: Gods Among Us? Keep reading to find out.

10 Murders Captain Atom

One of the more heinous acts of villainy perpetrated by Diana Prince is the killing of Captain Atom — Earth’s best hope of defeating Kal-El and toppling his regime. The time of the crime? Injustice: Gods Among Us #32,  a clash of titans. Nathaniel Christopher Adam aka Captain Atom squares off against the tyrannical Kryptonian; a battle so brutal it brings the man of tomorrow to his knees!

However, before Atom can land the final blow and free humankind, Wonder Woman enters the scene, slashing Atom’s throat with her sword. Though the wound is slight, it still causes nuclear energy to leak forth, resulting in an imminent meltdown so great it makes Chernobyl look like a mere house fire. In a last-ditch effort to defeat Superman as well as save lives, Atom flies into space where he detonates in a blinding flash of power.

9 Snaps Huntress’ Neck For Insulting Superman

One of Wonder Woman’s most famous misdeeds–thereby proving herself to be one of the series’ biggest villains–is the time she murdered Huntress using the Lasso of Truth. The event occurs in Injustice: Year 3 #21 during a fight with Batwoman and the late Helena Rosa Bertinelli aka Huntress.

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Diana, who has sided with Superman’s regime, brutally dismantles Katherine Kane and Bertinelli, the latter declaring she would rather be a martyr than enslaved to a tyrant. In a fit of rage for insulting Superman, Wonder Woman whips the lasso around Huntress’ neck and snaps it like a twig, killing her instantly.

8 Helps Execute Martian Manhunter

Similar to the murder of Captain Atom, another instance of Diana Prince acting as the true villain that she is can be found in Injustice Vol 1 #10. Here, the last son of Krypton confronts J’on J’onzz aka Martian Manhunter for refusing to join the regime.

After Manhunter explains that he fears what Clark will become if left unchecked, he tries to penetrate the Kryptonian’s mind with visions of Lois Lane and happier times. But Wonder Woman breaks the vision, grabbing Manhunter from behind and holding him in place while Kal-El incinerates the Justice League alum with his trusty heat vision.

7 Skewers Harley Quinn With A Sword

The list of misdeeds keeps piling up and this one is no less terrible. Yes, that’s right, Wonder Woman indeed ruthlessly impales Harley Quinn with her sword — an act that nearly kills the crazed Dr. Quinzel and benches her from the fight against Brainiac in Injustice 2.

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It all goes down in a confrontation between Wonder Woman and Supergirl vs. Cheetah and Harley, the former quickly taking the upper hand due to their meta-human powers. When the goddess of war opts to kill her longtime rival once and for all, Harley steps in. After a heated exchange about who has more blood in their ledger, Harley insults Wonder Woman by claiming her only interest impressing Superman. Prince explodes in a fit of rage, draws her sword, and run the queen of clowns right through the mid-section.

6 Uses Lois Lane’s Death As An Opportunity To Get With Supes

Perhaps the most shameless moment of the Injustice franchise is how Diana of Theymiscira uses Lois Lane’s death to work her way into the romantic cockles of Superman’s heart. Spoiler alert: it works too!

By the time of the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game, Diana and Clark are already a hot item after she comforts the grieving widower by acting as his chief helper and confidant. Because of this, Wonder Woman is able to seduce Kal-El and win his intimate affections, influencing the Kryptonian to later admit that her love strengthens his resolve for the cause. A love that pushes him to commit vile acts of bloodshed.

5 Manipulates Superman From Behind The Scenes

If there’s any true mark of an ultimate baddie, this is it: manipulating the most powerful entities in the world from the shadows. Well, that’s exactly what Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman does in the Injustice franchise.

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As early as “Year One”, Diana is there whispering into the ears of the man of steel, encouraging Kal-El to commit greater and greater acts of brutality (then soothing his doubts afterward).  She also frequently lies to the other heroes when they try to treat with Clark (see: Aquaman), keeping the leader of Earth’s Regime isolated from reason.

4 Plays Supergirl Like A Harp From Hell

Another key moment from the Injustice 2 video game features Wonder Woman at her most crafty. After suffering from a major defeat in Injustice: Gods Among Us, the exiled Themisciran draws up a plan to save Superman and rebuild the Regime. That plan? Control the next best thing: the man of steel’s cousin Kara Danvers aka Supergirl.

The plan works until the pair are confronted by Cheetah and Harley Quinn in the scenario mentioned above. During the fight, Wonder Woman accidentally reveals her true purpose, inciting Supergirl’s wrath. The Maiden of Might nails Diana with a heavy right cross, sending the Amazon flying out of the arena.

3 She Believes In The Cause More Than Anyone

Of all the meta-humans to join Superman’s One Earth Regime, Wonder Woman is by far the truest believer. Wonder Woman is the first to join Kal-El’s NWO, and the only acolyte who zealously advocates for killing supervillains and criminals alike. Diana doesn’t just believe humanity ought to be subjugated, she believes it needs to be. Diana was also the one who announced the formation of the regime after Superman returned from policing the world by himself. Kal-El may be king, but Diana Prince is the king’s hand, executing the king’s will with a fist of iron.

2 Crushes the Spine Of Galaxor

Injustice: Gods Among Us #13 depicts a weekend warrior superhero named Mitchell Davies also known as Galaxor. According to series lore, Davies grew up admiring the Justice League members and wanted to be a superhero just like them. However, after being granted the chance and given a super-suit to enhance his human abilities, Galaxor organizes a civilian protest in Australia against Superman’s bloodthirsty regime.

In response to the protest, Wonder Woman, Superman, and The Flash arrive. But when Galaxor refuses to surrender, Diana once again teams up with Supes to crush the puny human’s spine, making an example for all would-be dissenters. Never meet your heroes, right?

1 Influences Other Amazons To Join Regime

The final reason why Wonder Woman is Injustice‘s biggest villain is her effect on other Themyscirans. When Wonder Woman turns to the dark side and joins Superman’s regime, she converts all of her fellow amazons into ruthless killers just like her.

By the time mainstream Wonder Woman enters the scene and challenges her evil counterpart at the end of Injustice 2, it’s already too late. The whole tribe has gone rogue. Fortunately for the mainstream Diana, however, she is able to convince her sisters to return to their former ways.

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Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of DC Comics readers than seeing Wonder Woman become the villain in the Injustice story arc.

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