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Italy announced that movie theaters can reopen starting on June 15 after being shuttered for months due to the coronavirus.

“We are facing a calculated risk with the awareness that the contagion curve could rise again,” Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said. “We are taking this risk and we have to accept it, otherwise we could not restart.”

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The Venice Film Festival is still scheduled for early September. However, large group gatherings remain banned at the moment.

Italy is the latest country to begin reopening movie theaters. Japan’s Toho theater chain opened up 10 locations on May 10 and rival company Aeon plans to reopen 27 theaters on May 18. Hong Kong started allowing its big screens to operate starting on May 8. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom is looking at July 4 as a tentative date for when its theaters can reopen.

The United States is also seeing some theaters reopen. Select theaters in Texas and Georgia have been operating since late April and early May, respectively. However, the major movie chains — AMC, Regal and Cinemark — will remain closed until Hollywood starts putting out big blockbusters again. The first film on deck is Christopher Nolan’s Tenet for July 17. But, unless certain qualifications are met — including 80 percent of theaters opening worldwide — Warner Bros. will push back the film to mid-August.

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Italy announced when it will allow movie theaters to reopen after shuttering them for weeks due to the coronavirus.

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