J. Scott Campbell's COVID-19 Relief Zatanna Sketch Re-Auctioned

Those who missed the chance to nab J. Scott Campbell’s Zatanna drawing now have another opportunity. The sketch has gone back to auction with proceeds benefiting Jim Lee‘s ongoing charity efforts.

Campbell himself announced the news on Twitter, saying, “Well… unfortunately the original high bidder appears to have flaked on his high bid of my Zatanna Art benefitting comic book shops. So it’s back up for auction again!” The piece is currently available for bidding on DC Chief Creative Officer and Publisher Jim Lee’s eBay page. It is currently up to a bid of $9,400.00.

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The piece was done as part of Lee’s ongoing charity to benefit the Book Industry Charitable Foundation, who are running a program that aids comic book stores struggling due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Enlisting the help of many talented artists, Lee’s efforts have raised over $300k for the charity.

Several sketches of popular comic book characters are currently available for auction on Lee’s eBay page, including a Hawkgirl drawing by Lee himself as well as a Wolverine vs Sabretooth scene drawn by Ken Lashley.

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Also known as the Mistress of Magic, Zatanna made her DC Comics debut in 1964’s Hawkman #4. The character has gone on to become one of DC’s most popular heroes and has appeared in a number of comic series, animated TV shows and more.

A second chance is available for those that missed the opportunity to bid on J. Scott Campbell's Zatanna drawing.

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