James Gunn Shares Details About His Insane Spy Vs. Spy Script

With the Spy vs. Spy film moving forward, James Gunn decided to share some details of his own script that he wrote decades ago.

Gunn’s revelation came after screenwriter and author Brian Lynch retweeted a post about director Rawson Marshall Thurber possibly directing a new Spy vs. Spy film. Lynch mentioned an old screenplay from 1999 where Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans were supposed to play the spies.

“I believe I wrote that screenplay,” Gunn wrote on Twitter. “Jay Roach was attached to direct. I wrote it more thinking Nic Cage/Eddie Murphy – never heard this pairing. Script was outrageous & never made, but it’s what got me most of the studio work that followed & why Warners asked me to do Scooby-Doo.”

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The director went on to reveal some details from his script, including a scene where the Spies decide to hook up their brains to machines that left them as cats for a quarter of the film.

Gunn dropped another gem about the dormant script, revealing it was his first Hollywood pitch after receiving attention for his The Specials script. This led to an unusually 50-minute long meeting with former Warner Bros. head  Lorenzo di Bonaventura. Despite Gunn’s overzealousness, Bonaventura ended up hiring him as a writer.

However, the script ended up not working out. “Well I guess it was the dumbest because the movie never got made! Jay went off to do Meet the Parents instead, a wise move, & Lorenzo moved me over to S[cooby -] D[oo],” Gunn wrote. “I do give Lorenzo (& Jay & Shauna) a lot of credit for starting my career.”

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At some point, after he directed his debut film Slither, Roach circled back to the script, but by that time, Ron Howard was already developing his own Spy vs. Spy feature film.

Even though his Spy vs. Spy was never made, Gunn’s career continued to move forward. He is currently preparing for the release of The Suicide Squad as well as the start of production on Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

With talks of Spy vs. Spy film heading into production, GotG directorJames Gunn shared some details of his own script that he wrote decades ago.

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