Jeremy Renner's Ex Slams Actor Over Request to Reduce Child Support

Jeremy Renner’s ex-wife is slamming the actor for using the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as a way to reduce his child support payments.

Daily Mail spoke with Renner’s ex-wife Sonni Pacheco to discuss Renner’s ongoing attempts to get out of paying child support. “It is very disheartening that in a time of global crisis there is yet another attempt to reduce funds I rely on to provide for our child,” she said.

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Renner recently requested his payments to be reduced from $30,000 a month to $11,000, claiming that, due to COVID-19 halting productions in Hollywood, his income has significantly dropped.

Renner and Pacheco’s divorce has become an ugly saga playing out in front of the public. Renner accused his ex-wife of using his child support payments as a way to fund a high-end lifestyle. Pacheco, however, disputes this, saying she’s actually lost a lot of money due to her legal battles with Renner.

“First, I do not receive $30,000 in monthly child support. Second, all of my savings and Ava’s savings have been drained due to lawyer fees, as my concerns for Ava’s safety have been an ongoing battle for years now,” she said. “I have, and will always choose to protect Ava when I find out about disturbing behavior exhibited by her father at his homes that put her in danger.”

Renner has been accused of using drugs while the couple’s seven-year-old daughter Ava was in his custody. He has also been accused of firing a gun in her presence, and for having multiple women party at his house while Ava was home.

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Jeremy Renner's bitter breakup is getting worse, as his ex-wife is now taking him to task over his request to reduce his child support payments.

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