Jim Lee Adds Watchmen's Silk Spectre to Charity Sketch Roster

As DC Comics Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee‘s charity auction continues to roll on, he has added Watchmen‘s Silk Spectre to his roster of charity sketches.

The subject of this latest sketch was chosen by Dave and Alan of the comics and pop culture Instagram @comicsandponies, and is currently available for purchase on eBay. Lee’s sketch shows Sally Jupiter, aka the original Silk Spectre, striking a 1940s pinup-style pose in her trademark costume with a pensive expression. The sketch was inspired by the work of celebrated pinup artist Richard Jenkins. Currently, the auction has reached the price of $5,100.

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This sketch is the latest in Lee’s 60-day charity sketch auction. In addition to the Watchmen superheroine, Lee has drawn many characters from his extensive career in comics, including Two-Face as a presidential candidate, Hawkgirl, Lobo and Scarecrow. Along the way, Lee has recruited veteran comics artists such as Bill Sienkiewicz, Arthur Adams, J. Scott Campbell and many more to lend their talents to the ongoing charity benefit.

All the proceeds from Lee’s sketches, as well as the works of the others participating, will benefit the Book Industry Charitable Foundation in its efforts to help comic book retailers dealing with financial difficulties during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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Jim Lee continues his charity auction for the BINC Foundation, and he's now added Watchmen's Silk Spectre to his roster of sketches.

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