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The latest character added to DC publisher and comic book artist Jim Lee’s recent collection of sketches is Batman Beyond, drawn, as the others have been, to help support struggling comic book stores during these trying times.

Lee has added the Tomorrow Knight to the artwork available for auction, all of which is being sold through eBay. The image features the futuristic Batman suit as depicted in the Batman Arkham Knight video game. Lee created the piece at the suggestion of the buyer of his Doctor Fate piece, as the publisher explained on social media. The artist has also released sketches of characters such as Big Barda and Azrael.

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Batman Beyond was an animated series from the late ’90s. It was set far ahead in Gotham’s future, when Bruce Wayne had been forced into retirement and corruption ran amok in Gotham City. The series revolved around Terry McGinnis, the unlikely apprentice of Batman himself.  The series was a huge hit, and the character has since become a staple in the DC Universe, appearing in several comic books.

The comic book industry has suffered heavily by quarantines and other preventative measures encouraged and enforced by communities worldwide in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. This has led to comic book stores throughout the country shutting down for the foreseeable future, which has forced them to take a financial hit.

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Batman Beyond's Tomorrow Knight is the latest character to be drawn by DC's Jim Lee in his effort to help struggling comic book stores.

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