Jim Lee Draws Half the DC Universe in Brainiac Charity Portrait

DC Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee made a bold bid to help struggling comics shops with a sketch of Superman arch-foe Brainiac. But a close look at the image shows numerous hidden figures in the drawing, from all across the DC Universe.

Lee tweeted out the detailed sketch, which is being offered in an eBay auction that ends Friday. Check it out below:

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The drawing is number 41 of a series of 60 Lee is providing to support comics shops during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic restrictions. Each winning bidder gets to choose the subject of the next in the series; Brainiac was chosen by the bidder who won Lee’s sketch of Silk Spectre. Among the thumbnail images in the portrait are those of Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Cyborg, Krypto, Commissioner Gordon and Sgt. Rock.

The sketch is rendered with pencil, pen, ink and whiteout, and is nine inches by 12 inches. Bids for the piece topped $10,000 at the time of this post. The listing states 95% of sale proceeds will go to Book Industry Charitable Foundation, which supports comics shops and other independent booksellers with financial aid.

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Jim Lee's latest charity sketch to support comics retailers is a portrait of Brainiac — with dozens of hidden DC Universe characters within.

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