JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: 10 Dio Brando Fan Art Pieces that Chill the Blood

Every shonen anime series needs a good villain, and in the case of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, there are quite a few of them, from the ancient Aztec Pillar Men to the insidious serial killer Yoshikage Kira to the cruel mob boss Diavolo. But none of them are as iconic in the franchise as the vampire Dio Brando, foster brother of Jonathan Joestar.

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He wields a devastating stand known as The World, allowing him to launch brutal melee attacks and even freeze time for a few seconds. Dio was a cruel schemer from the start, plotting the downfall of the Joestar estate in England, and then becoming the overlord of all villainous stand users in Egypt until Jotaro finally slew him. Now, here are some outstanding fan art pieces dedicated to JoJo‘s top villain.

10 The Beginning

Every villain has to start somewhere, and in the first few episodes of Phantom Blood, new fans to the series will meet a young Dio who is not yet a vampire, but already a cruel schemer and antagonist to the upstanding Jonathan Joestar.

Artist YeBin Go shared this fan art of a young Dio, where his lanky frame and slightly cartoony look belie the cruelty underneath. Everyone thinks he’s a polite and well-dressed boy, but Jonathan soon learns otherwise… and so does George Joestar.

9 Gentleman Exterior

Now Dio Brando is a grown man, and anyone who met him in polite Victorian society would see a tough young man who survived hardship to become a respectable member of society. And, of course, they would be totally wrong.

Artist Accelerin shows an older Dio striking a cool pose, which alludes nicely to his future stand-wielding self while keeping everything grounded in the classy Victorian setting. The pitch-black background reinforces the sinister tone of the subject, too. He’s about to become a creature of the night.

8 New Look, New Me

In the final battle on the streets of Cairo, DIO is doing battle with the entire Stardust Crusaders squad, and he is winning. Kakyoin is dead, and Polnareff is hardly in any shape to fight. Neither is Joseph.

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DIO has a surprise, too: an ultimate form, which sheds his gold jacket and trims his hair for a more streamlined, athletic look. Artist Magenta Sunrise shows DIO halfway through this transformation, acting like his own barber as The World watches. And DIO couldn’t be happier.

7 Street Fighter

DIO is an unstoppable menace on the nighttime streets of Cairo, and artist Nabuco 88 was happy to draw this stand-using vampire striking a classic pose while devastating the world around him. So far, things are going DIO’s way.

This fan art has a bit of everything, from a passing car and some wispy smoke effects to that “left turn” sign that DIO uses as a club to a scary red glow on his eyes, to emphasize his supernatural power and malice. Pedestrians had better not get too close.

6 Leering Vampire

This fifth piece of fan art, by artist Clarissa (Clarie F.) Ferguson is a change of pace. DIO appears once again, and he’s leering right at the viewer in this moodily lit, eerie fan art. The colors are washed out this time, and the background is out of focus.

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That makes this truly chilling fan art, and it’s a nice modern and urban feel for this age-old vampire. DIO’s arrogant smirk and harshly glowing red eyes mark him as a predator, and with everyone else out of focus, the viewer feels alone and trapped with this vampire.

5 Have A Drink

DIO is back at it again, and he’s showing his thirst for human blood. He didn’t do much feeding during Stardust Crusaders, but he did leech a few victims dry during Phantom Blood. And like any vampire, DIO likes to keep things fancy.

Vampires contrast their ravenous ways with fine glasses and fancy mansions, and according to artist Shadow cero, DIO and The World always have a bottle and glasses on hand. The artist even added the famed “GO GO GO” (rumbling) sound effect to round out this fine piece.

4 DIO Profile

Drawing on paper is a great way to make a character come to life, and any good gallery of fan art would feature digital and paper art alike. This time around, artist SiwelTasenla provided the paper art, and it’s looking good by all counts.

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A Phantom Blood-era Dio Brando is smiling (nastily) for the camera, and this profile looks perfectly suitable for a manga volume’s cover or a poster. His rich violet scarf provides some visual relief from his stunning blond hair, fair skin, and the white background, and the artist even made sure to add his ear piercings. That’s some fine detail.

3 Vampire King

Dio really lived it up during the events of Phantom Blood (he likes the high life), but artist shinkishoy proves that DIO has even more glamour during Stardust Crusaders, when he sets up his base of operations in Cairo.

The level of realistic detail in this piece is astounding, from DIO’s perfectly sculpted body and anime-accurate face to his richly drawn golden hair and the soft lighting effect on those candles. DIO is perfectly relaxed and confident in his upcoming victory, and looking good the whole time.

2 Fallen Brother

Artist shinkishoy returns for another entry in this gallery, and this time, DIO is actually thinking about someone other than himself. He scorned Jonathan Joestar and hated the elite Joestar family, but maybe deep down, he had respect for Mr. Joestar.

This moody but brilliantly drawn fan art shows DIO paying some due respect for the fallen hero, and now, DIO must be wondering if any worthy opponents are left in the world now that Jonathan is gone. The 1980s will have his answer.

1 The Hunger

The list concludes with a grayscale DIO who is no less terrifying with all the colors leached out. In fact, this stark black and white visual is more terrifying than ever, and looks like something from 1930s or 1940s horror movies.

Artist Daniel de Almeida gives the viewer an up-front and intimate look at DIO’s vampire hunger, and if he is this close to someone, then they are doomed. DIO’s maniacal smile, crazy eyes, and wild hair actually look reminiscent of the Joker of DC Comics, in a way.

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has inspired fans to come up with some chilling Dio Brando fan art that you have got to see.

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