JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: 10 Pieces of Polnareff Fan Art We Love

Hirohiko Araki’s hit anime/manga franchise JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has been all about fantasy action and the Joestar family, and ever since the third story arc, powerful stands have dictated the flow of battle. The third story arc, Stardust Crusaders, features Jotaro Kujo and his companions as they trek to Egypt to slay DIO, and many villainous stand users are in the way.

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One of Jotaro’s most trustworthy allies is the Frenchman Jean-Pierre Polnareff who, while often goofy and a bit confused, is a capable stand user. He lost his beloved big sister to one of DIO’s foul minions, and he won’t stop until justice is served. And in Golden Wind, Polnareff returns to help Giorno and the gang take the fight to Diavolo with the stand arrow. Now, here’s some fantastic fan art featuring the one and only Polnareff.

10 Prepared For Battle

The first entry in this gallery comes courtesy of artist shinkishoy, who made this stunning digital art that looks rather like a painting. If there was a real-life JoJo museum, a piece like this would be right at home.

As for the subject, Polnareff is looking cool but tense, and he has definitely sensed an enemy stand user in the area. Silver Chariot, his stand, is at the ready, and it’s looking as cool and intimidating as any stand can be.

9 Blood Counter

For this charming piece of Polnareff fan art, artist Bluvianna chose the subject matter carefully. It’s no coincidence that Polnareff’s finger is cut; he used blood drops as an improvised clock to measure when King Crimson used its ability.

This is how Polnareff looks in Golden Wind, and for this particular art, Polnareff has a gentle and lush look that contrasts with the vicious and gory fighting that takes place in Golden Wind. It almost looks like watercolors, bringing the rich color palette of Golden Wind to life.

8 Just Too Cool

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that Stardust Crusaders is set in the 1980s, and that is the era of punk and glam rock bands like Van Halen, Poison, and others. Once in a while, this totally rad time period makes its way into JoJo fan art.

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Take Polnareff, for example, where artist Vee LA went for an in-your-face 1980s punk look. He’s decked out in gray, black, and silver, which matches his stand and his original outfit… but it’s much more stylish. His zippers, rings, belt, and silvery nail polish all match his stand perfectly.

7 Man’s Best Stand User

Stardust Crusaders introduces stands as the new battle system, and there’s a few non-human stand users, from an orangutan to a falcon to Iggy the dog. Iggy is smarter than he looks, and managed to defeat the terrifying falcon stand user Pet Shop.

Even though Polnareff and Iggy didn’t get along that well, artist Eva Moreno Ruiz decided to pay tribute to these brave warriors by giving them a happy scene together in a softly lit Cairo afternoon. The lighting and level of detail in this piece is simply astonishing.

6 Midnight Duel

Polnareff is taking the fight to the enemy in the dead of night, even though that’s the time when vampires are most active. He must be feeling pretty brave, but with Silver Chariot around, he has every reason to feel good about this plan.

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Artist Rina Smorodina offers a somewhat comic-book-like take on Polnareff, where he’s in good spirits and striking a cool pose while Silver Chariot takes up the rear. That’s bound to be one of the most intense expressions that Silver Chariot has ever made.

5 Killer Shades

The time has come for a hand-drawn piece of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fan art, and artist pizza-tron-2010 was happy to oblige. Once again, the stylish punk look of the ’80s is in full force, and Polnareff looks ready to rock.

The rough, dark lines give this drawing a harsh but cool look, matching the rough battles up ahead that Polnareff must fight. He’s looking pretty tough and serious this time, and those inky black shades are just the right finishing touch.

4 Strike A Pose

This is a classic JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure look that was bound to come up sooner or later, and artist Miiyuni decided to encapsulate every cool aspect of Stardust Crusaders all in one go. The results are simply outstanding.

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Author Hirohiko Araki was inspired by the cool poses of Italian statues, so he added this element to his manga, and Polnareff is now poised for maximum effect while Silver Chariot imitates him. The sandy Egyptian setting and swirling wind make for an excellent backdrop.

3 Fighting As One

A stand user is supposed to fight with their stand as a united front, and the better their trust and cohesion, the more effective they are in battle. In fact, a stand user can sometimes coat an arm and leg with their humanoid stand. Josuke and Abbacchio have done this, among others.

Artist JD Greed depicts Polnareff doing the same, and in stunning detail. Polnareff needs to land a precise finishing blow, and how better to do it than borrow the arm of Silver Chariot and take aim? This time, there’s no way that he’ll miss.

2 Battle Duo

Many of these fan art pictures depict Polnareff and Silver Chariot striking a pose for combat, and for good reason: the two of them look really good together, and Polnareff is never afraid of a fight. Artist GoddessMechanic decided to join this trend, too.

This time, Polnareff and Silver Chariot are set against a blank gray-silver background, but to help fill up the negative space, there are some silvery blue air whirl effects around them, and Silver Chariot is pointing its rapier directly at the viewer as a challenge. Not many stand users can survive such a challenge.

1 Taking A Break

The final piece in this gallery is another one set in Golden Wind, when Polnareff is older and wheel-chair bound but no less of a hero. He’s been fighting the good fight, and now, it’s time for him to have some rest.

Artist Carmen Siplick made Polnareff as comfortable as possible, depicting him inside the tortoise’s inner room while snow falls on some pine trees outside (a very cozy look). He even has a hot drink with him, just the thing he needed.

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has some pretty talented fans! Here's a look at 10 pieces of Jean-Pierre Polnareff fan art that we absolutely love.

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