Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Vs. Dragon Ball: 5 Stand Users Who Can Defeat The Z-Fighters (& 5 Z-Fighters Who Can Beat Stand User

Two of the most popular and longest running Seinen series of all time, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Dragon Ball, both run in Shonen Jump and both have a variety of strong and unique characters. And, to show that fans wanted to see these characters match up, there has even been many crossovers such as in fighting games Jump Super Stars, Jump Ultimate StarsJ-Stars Victory VS, and Jump Force.

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Both the Z-Fighters and Stand Users along with their Stands, have bested many foes in battle, but who would win if they were to battle against each other? Each has their strengths and weaknesses, but who would win? The match ups are endless, but here are a list of Z-Fighters and Stands who would win, or lose, against each other in battle.

10 Android 18 vs. Josuke Higashikata’s Crazy Diamond: Crazy Diamond Wins

Josuke Higashikata’s Crazy Diamond would match up well against the artificial human, Android 18. At close range, the stand speeds up to 190mph and has the power to revert and restore objects as well as heal lethal injuries. Even with her super speed and endless stamina, before 18 would realize, Crazy Diamond would fuse her to the ground or anything surrounding her and there would be no escape. Also, her as well as any Z-Fighter could be easily trapped, regardless if they tried to fly away since they could be affixed to one another, anything could be turned into a weapon by Crazy Diamond’s hands. Within the series, Josuke’s Stand was not fully explained, so some unknowns should pose a definite threat to the Z-Fighters.

9 Piccolo vs. Koichi Hirose’s Echoes: Piccolo Wins

Said to be stronger than that of a Super Saiyan, Piccolo has fused with other Namekians, and his power level increased ten-fold. With many strong attacks at his disposal, such as homing beams, duplication, demon waves, and ki blasts, a good match would be against Koichi Hirose’s Echoes being that Piccolo would not be affected by the Stands weight attacks as he mostly wears heavily weighted clothing so the added weight would not matter. Also, being that Piccolo can stretch his limbs to crazy distances, Echoes’ power would not be as strong due to the potential distance away.

8 Goku vs. Giorno Giovanna’s Gold Experience Requiem: Gold Experience Requiem Wins

Anyone who has seen JJBA: Golden Wind in it’s entirety has seen Giorno Giovanna’s Gold Experience Requiem in action. An evolved form of Gold Experience, this Stand is close range, with super speed and strength, and the ability to reverse and repeat time, never coming to the present once it is used. This ability, if not evaded (if that is even possible) can beat anyone of the Z-Fighters, hands down.

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However, one fighter who would at least be able to hold his own would be Goku. However, he would need to anticipate GER’s Reset to Zero ability beforehand and execute his Instant Transmission a fraction beforehand in order to possibly evade the attack, if that is even possible in the first place.

7 Krillin vs. Joseph Joestar’s Hermit Purple: Krillin Wins

Yes, Krillin. With his impressive power to manipulate ‘ki’ and create powerful attacks that can also be built upon along with many projectile attacks, he would be able to win against almost any Stand. In particular, this fighter would be especially strong against Joseph Joestar’s Hermit Purple. With Krillin’s nimble footwork, he would be able to evade the Stand’s thorn-covered vines without an issue and would also be able to sense their energy and evade them. Also, being that ki is very similar in concept to Hamon, Hermit Purple’s attacks would not be able to best Krillin either since his Solar Flare x 100 would overpower it instantly.

6 Gohan vs. Avdol Mohammed’s Magician’s Red: Magician’s Red Wins

Avdol Mohammed’s Magician’s Red is one of the strongest in elemental manipulation. Within its arsenal, are powerful and ensnaring fire attacks such as Crossfire Hurricane and Storm of Flames. This Stand can also make use of its heat radar which is similar to Scouters, to detect enemies.

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The only way this Stand’s immense fire abilities can be matched would be if Gohan were to turn Great or Golden Great Ape, where he would then have access to the Flame Breath or Super Flame Cannon (as seen in the mobile game, Dokkan Battle) however, they no longer have their tails so this would not even be possible, unless in Dragon Ball GT, which is not wholly canon.

5 Vegeta vs. Carnes’s Notorious Chase: Vegeta Wins

Vegeta would never lose against the likes of the Stand users and their Stands and one would say that he would succeed against the mysterious and deadly Stand that is Carnes’s Notorious Chase. This Stand’s full range of abilities is a mystery, but from what is known, it absorbs life energy to evolve into a humanoid being over time once the host User is deceased. If Vegeta were to encounter this Stand, he would not hesitate in finding it while in its larva state by sensing its energy. Also, being that Saiyans have an increased lung capacity that can allow them to hold his breath and withstand being in space (there is some speculation that they do not need oxygen at all), he could lure Notorious Chase into space and then leave the Stand to suffocate or freeze.

4 Ultra Instinct Goku vs. Dio Brando’s The World: The World Wins

Said to have supreme power over the entire world, Dio Brando’s The World is one that possesses control over time itself. Close range, with super speed and phenomenal power, as well as extreme precision, able to stop time for up to nine-seconds, makes it difficult for any opponent to land fatal combos. Dio can move freely during the stopped time and can easily kill an opponent by targeting vital organs. Ultra Instinct Goku, for example, who along with the use of the newly acquired Time-Skip after beating Hit in the Tournament of Power, along with using his body to his full potential surpassing the very speed of light, would be able to hold his own for a bit, however, his power overtime is not nearly as strong as Dio’s. Also, Goku’s Time Skip works only a tenth of a second and does not stop time, but skips ahead, so Dio would still be able to move freely and attack.

3 Good Buu vs. Pannacotta Fugo’s Purple Haze: Good Buu

Pannacotta Fugo’s Purple Haze is a deadly, close-range Stand, with incredible strength. Within its knuckles lies a deadly flesh-eating virus that can melt an opponent to mush within seconds. The only hope for survival is those with the right antibodies that are immune.

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One member of the Z-Fighters with shapeshifting abilities is Buu (‘Good’ Buu, after the Majin Buu Saga) and if he were to be inflicted with the virus, it would easily change into another form. Buu can also possess the Stand by implanting a bit of himself into it, or just stick a piece of his blobby pink flesh onto the Stand who will then paw at it frantically since it has an odd habit of needing to stay clean.

2 Tien Shenhan vs. Jotaro Kujoh’s Star Platinum: Star Platinum Wins

Jotaro Kujoh’s Star Platinum, with close to medium range, high destructive power, exhibiting super speed along with surgical precision, is the perfect combination of offense and defense. Even if matched up against a formidable opponent such as Tien Shinhan for example, before the fighter can land an attack, Star Platinum would use its super-speed to evade and use Star Finger to attack vital organs before there is a chance to dodge. Even Tien’s impressive defensive techniques taught to him by Mercenary Tao, would not be quick enough to evade. Tien’s risky Tri-Beam attack could be used as a last resort, however, being that it takes time to gather the energy needed, he would not have much time to spare.

1 Future Trunks vs. Jean Pierre Polnareff’s Silver Chariot: Future Trunks Wins

Time-traveling half-Saiyan, Trunks, along with his trusty sword, arrived from the future to chop Frieza into tiny pieces before blasting him to dust. In a fight, with the combination of his Shining Sword and Burning attack, not even Jean Pierre Polnareff, with his rapier wielding Silver Chariot, stands a chance. This Stand has superb defense but has weak offense and with Future Trunks’ power level topping 60,000, he would make short work of the Stand, even if he was able to execute his Calculated Strike attack, leaving his opponent disabled for a few seconds. Trunks would not be unscathed and with his counterattack, the fight would be over. Also, once the Stand loses its rapier, it is useless. Trunks, however, has much more to offer, even without his sword.

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Both Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's Stand Users and Dragon Ball's Z-Fighters are powerful, but what characters would win against each other.

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