JoJo: 10 Araki Forgot Moments From Diamond Is Unbreakable, Debunked

The show Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is unique and truly lives up to its name, delivering memorable and strange battles with characters just as strange and memorable. It’s garnered a ton of praise from fans, but it’s not a perfect anime and as such there are some elements about it that don’t always add up at first.

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The term “Araki Forgot” is usually used to describe these moments as plotlines or elements that the author scrapped or forgot about. However, there are quite a few “Araki Forgot” moments in Diamond is Unbreakable that actually do have more of an explanation when given a closer look.


After becoming a follower of Dio’s, the Niijimura brothers’ father is mutated into a grotesque form upon Dio’s death. As a result, Keicho uses the Stand-making bow and arrow in order to find someone who could kill him, but Josuke eventually suggests finding someone who could cure him. This has lead fans to think Araki forgot that Josuke could use his abilities to heal the father.

In truth, however, there’s little chance Josuke’s Crazy Diamond powers could actually do the job. The father’s condition isn’t a sickness or an injury, it’s a result of fusing with Dio’s flesh bud. As such this is his natural state of being now and most likely not something Crazy Diamond could fix, most likely similar to how Pearl Jam was unable to.


Stand-wielding serial killer, Yoshikage Kira cuts off his own hand in order to not be caught by Josuke and the others. After fixing up Killer Queen’s Sheer Heart Attack, Josuke sends Kira’s hand back to him which they try to follow to track down Kira. This, however, has been argued for why Josuke couldn’t use the same method to get Kira to come back to his severed hand.

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It comes down to a split-second decision, Sheer Heart Attack would have ended up hitting Josuke if he didn’t use Crazy Diamond 0n it. Since the hand Kira severed is what’s linked to Sheer Heart Attack and not Kira himself, it’s unlikely Josuke could have done more than having Kira’s hand fly back to him.


During the hunt for a rat that can use a deadly Stand, Josuke and Jotaro are back into a corner as the rat manages to hit Jotaro from a distance. Fans wondered why Jotaro couldn’t have used Star Platinum’s often neglected ability “Star Finger” to extend its fingers to attack the rat.

Simply put, the range of Star Finger wouldn’t have reached the rat, since the range of that move is known only to be one to two meters and the rat was much further away than that. While Star Finger isn’t the first of last to be the subject of “Araki Forgot”, using it in this fight wouldn’t have done much of anything.


Mikitaka Hazekura was one of many side-characters introduced in Diamond is Unbreakable and one of the weirder ones too. Mikitaka could shapeshift and claimed to be an alien, he also appeared not to be a Stand User since he couldn’t see Stands. His true nature was left up in the air and not further touched upon, leaving fans scratching their heads.

So was he actually a Stand User or was he truly an alien? The truth is, it was meant to be unknown, with even Araki doesn’t seem to state whether he’s truly one or the other. Since evidence for either argument exists, it seems like this one is meant to be up to the viewer’s interpretation.


And often debated topic for Diamond is Unbreakable is Okuyasu’s Stand, The Hand. The Hand is capable of erasing space bringing things closer to it, a powerful ability that appears to have some inconsistencies at first. The most glaring example being during Okuyasu’s fight with Chili Pepper, when he erased the ground and it exposed a wire rather than fused the spaces together like before.

While this has no straight forward explanation, what can be inferred is that The Hand’s abilities to fuse spaces have limits. When The Hand erases something and fuses that space back it’s usually the air along with singular objects that are affected and the world adapts to that. Since the open field Okuyasu was swiping is either a huge object or not counted as one single object, The Hand might’ve only fused the air that it swiped and not the ground.


When Josuke and the gang investigate Yoshikage Kira’s house, they end up finding a jar of his fingernails. In a similar vein to Kira’s severed hand, it’s been criticized that Josuke could have used the same method on the fingernails as he did with the hand to find Kira. However, it isn’t as easy as just that.

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After a certain length of time, things like fingernails are seen as dead matter and not part of the body anymore. Given the amount of time the nails had been sitting there, it’s unlikely Josuke could’ve used his stand as he did with Kira’s hand since it was only severed for a moment.


During the final battle with Yoshikage Kira, Hayato tries to sacrifice himself to Killer Queen’s explosion in order to save Josuke, who seemingly brings him back to life. At first glance, this contradicts the limitations of Josuke’s Stand, but the answer is actually simpler than it appears.

Hayato was most likely not dead just yet and what Josuke did was another split-second reaction that stopped the explosion from killing Hayato just in the knick of time, whereas Josuke’s grandpa was definitely dead by the time he found him. It’s also implied that the explosions Killer Queen creates has the victim alive during detonation, adding argument that it was possible for Josuke to do this.


A big one that fans immediately call an “Araki Forgot” moment was Joseph not using Hermit Purple to locate Yoshikage Kira in the same way that he could find Dio. A valid question, but one with a few answers to debunk it.

Hermit Purple could only find Dio due to Joseph’s Stand reacting to Jonathan’s body, which Dio had stolen. Then there’s the fact that “Spirit Photography” has messed up before, as seen at the beginning of Part 4. Lastly, Joseph wouldn’t know what Kira would look like since he had never confronted him before or after his face changed, making the use of Spirit Photography difficult if not near impossible.


Some of the entries on this list seem to have something in common, they tend to tie back into what Josuke is capable of with Crazy Diamond. Another misconception about them is that Josuke’s ability to warp matter as he reconstructs it was forgotten about, in favor of reconstructing things back to the way they were, though this is not actually true.

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It’s stated that Josuke usually warps matter when he fixes it when he’s ticked off (as evidence by Angelo and the punk in the beginning who insulted his hair), so this is more of being in addition to being able to put things back to exactly as they were before. He’s also seen using this aspect of his powers a few times later on too.


Probably the biggest example of “Araki Forgot” in Diamond is Unbreakable would have to be Josuke’s flashback to the man that saved his life. Given that he was wearing a similar uniform to Josuke, had the exact same hairdo, and his voice is never heard in the anime, this had many believe that this was actually Josuke from the future, who traveled back in time somehow. Alas, that never happened.

While that seems possible, there’s no definitive proof that this was a scrapped idea. The uniforms are not the same and don’t have the same pins. While the hair is identical, that’s about all the similarities they actually share. It should also be noted that Araki confirmed in an interview that the flashback was just that, nothing more.

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There are quite a few “Araki Forgot” moments in Diamond is Unbreakable that actually do have more of an explanation when given a closer look.

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