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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, a long-running series spanning many parts has been in the production since 1987 to present day. The series creator, Hirohiko Araki, with having so many characters and plots to keep track of, like anyone, would tend to forget details from time to time. However, these bouts of forgetfulness can go from being rather small, to pretty large and very contradictory. Some have been so bad, that Araki himself had to make public apologies for. Many fans have discovered such moments, coined lovingly as ‘Araki Forgot’ and it has then become a well-known meme within the JoJo community.

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10 Narancia’s Boombox

Bucciarati and the others rent a yacht to make their way to Napoli to retrieve Polpo’s hidden treasure. Narancia, being the young kid that he is, starts listening to music loudly on his boombox. Like almost everything Narancia does, this annoys Mista and he proceeds to break it in retaliation by pouring Sprite on it. However, in an iconic scene shortly after, there is a surreal dance sequence that breaks out with Narancia, Fugo, and Mista as they torture an enemy Stand User castaway. This scene has since been dubbed the ‘Gangstar Torture Dance’ which is now parodied as a meme.

9 Golden Experience’s Life Shot Ability

In the episode where Bucciarati and Giorno first meet, during their battle, Golden Experience uses an interesting ability ‘Life Shot’ that speeds up the mind of their opponent, causing their thought process to accelerate before their body can react, making it seem like they are moving slowly. This move was only used once more and then never again throughout the series and could have been quite useful a bunch of times.

8 Giorno Keeping Bucciarati ‘Alive’

In previous parts of JJBA, it was always said that there was no way for a Stand to resurrect someone from the dead, however, somehow Giorno was able to use Gold Experience to keep Bucciarati’s body ‘alive’ after his untimely death. This is never really explained, however, it is theorized that it was possible since Bucciarati has just died, and his spirit just left his body, possibly leaving some still within his body, Giorno was able to transfer energy quick enough. But then why wasn’t it possible for Abacchio or Narancia to be saved this way? They would have not been technically ‘alive’ but rather using borrowed time and in a zombie sort of state, but still.

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7 Stands Can Harm More Than Just Other Stands

It has been said in other JJBA series that Stands can only harm other Stands. However, this is not consistent in that during Mista’s encounter with Cioccolata, it appears that he was able to slice some of the Six Pistols with his scalpel. This was not technically shown, but it can be speculated since Numbers two and three are seen sliced in half and there is a shot of the scalpel with blood on it afterward.

6 Bucciarati Can Taste Lies

One of the most memorable scenes in all of Golden Wind is during Bucciarati and Giorno’s initial meeting, where Bucciarati does something rather uncharacteristic and licks Giorno’s cheek to taste if he is lying about murdering Leaky Eyed Luca. However, this is never used again and thinking back on it, was something very uncharacteristic of the character. Why didn’t Bucciarati use it on Narancia when he was possessed by Talking Heads to see that he was not being truthful with his words?

5 Diavolo’s Hidden Identity Revealed

The Bosses’ only remaining family is his estranged daughter, Trish, who has been protected by Bucciarati and his team throughout most of the series. It turned out that the Boss revealed as Diavolo, wanted his daughter dead all along, and was just waiting for the team to deliver her to his secret hideout so she would then be in range for him to execute his attack. With his daughter dead, his identity would then remain a secret, since there would be no one alive with any possible tie to him or his whereabouts. Going to such great lengths to keep his identity secret backfires, as during the team’s fight with Diavolo on the streets of Rome, in the public eye, he declares who he is.

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4 People Cannot Directly Interact With Stands

As mentioned at the beginning of Stardust Crusaders, Stands can only be seen by other Stand Users, however, a Stand can interact with certain objects. It also is said that Stands can interact with people but not the other way around. This theory was debunked during the teams battle with the enemy Stand User, Illuso, and his Stand Man In The Mirror. Towards the end of the fight, Illuso was able to touch Moody Jazz, even though, at this point, Moody Jazz and Abacchio are fused due to Illuso’s Stand abilities. This could be a loophole, but he is still seen physically touching Moody Jazz.

3 Was Fugo Written Out Due To His Stand Being Too Powerful?

Many speculate if Fugo chose not to go along with Bucciarati and the rest of the team against Diavolo since Araki forgot about him or didn’t like him as a character. Also, it could be due to the sheer strength of Fugo’s Stand, Purple Haze, and that the battle against Diavolo would have been too easily won with him there. Another theory is that this would mess up the scene in the Colosseum when all of the characters switched bodies due to Silver Chariot Requiem’s power. If Fugo was present, there would have been an uneven amount of characters. All of this aside it has also been speculated that originally, Araki did not write for Fugo to go along with the others since he had planned for him to then become a spy and later be killed off.

2 Silver Chariot Can Sometimes Hold Up Polnareff

In Stardust Crusaders, during Polnareff and Iggy’s fight with Cream and Vanilla Ice, Silver Chariot is not strong enough to move Polnareff’s body to save him from fatally being run over by Vanilla Ice and this is the result of Iggy’s death due to pushing himself to the limit by using his last bit of strength to use his Stand to save Polnareff instead. However, in Golden Wind, when Diavolo reveals himself to the wheelchair-bound Polnareff in the Colosseum, Silver Chariot has no problem flinging him into the air to evade Diavolo’s attack.

1 Giorno Giving Life By Only Using His Hands

During the team’s fight again Notorious Chase, it was said that Giorno is only able to create life using his hands, however, there were many times where this was done in other ways. During his fight with Black Sabbath, he was able to create a tree from the ground using Gold Experience’s shadow/feet, and also, while the team was on the yacht on their way to Napoli, Giorno was seen changing a life preserver into a fish by using his foot.

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Many JoJo fans like to throw out the Araki Forgot meme when things in the series don't immediately click. But the creator deserves some more credit.

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