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Being a huge fan of western music, it’s no surprise that Hirohiko Araki references them so much within his ever popular series of JoJo. He has even said that naming his characters and Stands after artists and their songs has become a ‘simple hobby’ of his and was in an effort to combine his two passions, creating manga and western music. These references are by no means hidden and are something that fans expect in every part.

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With the series being as long as it is with no end in sight, the list of musical references is quite vast. Here is a compilation of some of the references that might have been missed even by avid fans of the series.

10 Miles Davis/Bucciarati’s Favorite Albums

In the manga, Araki lists that Bucciarati’s favorite artist is American jazz musician, Miles Davis. Also, his favorite albums are by the same artist are ‘Agharta’ and ‘Bitches Brew’. Another set of Bucciarati band references is to the band The Rolling Stones. From his Stand, Sticky Fingers, named after their song by the same name, to the way Bucciarati uses his tongue to taste if Giorno is lying being another reference to the band and their famous ‘Tongue and Lips’ logo. The last to be discussed here would be that Bucciarait’s fate itself was sealed by Scolippi’s Rolling Stone Stand.

9 ‘Coco Jambo’ by Mr. President/Coco Jumbo And Its Stand

Coco Jumbo, a turtle equipped with the Stand Mr.President, is a gift to Bucciarati and his gang from their Boss. The ability, possible by using a special key that fits perfectly into a hole on its shell, proved to be very useful since it was able to be used as a mobile hideout out of prying eyes of the enemy. The turtles’ namesake as well as the namesake of its Stand is in (almost) direct reference to the band and album of the same name.

8 ’21st Century Schizoid Man’ Song by King Crimson/Diavolo x Doppio Multiple Personality

King Crimson’s ’21st Century Schizoid Man’ is a compilation with brutish lyrics, stringing together words that were aggressive and violent, to develop the harsh imagery to symbolize the darkness of human condition and war. Also, someone with a Schizoid Personality Disorder is one that cannot feel love or empathy, and has no interest in close relationships and yearns to be alone, much like that of Diavolo/Doppio. In Doppio’s case, those suffering from this disorder can also be prone to Schizophrenia and having auditory hallucinations, exhibited when the character often hears a ‘phone’ ringing with a call from his ‘Boss’.

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7 ‘Epitaph’ Song by King Crimson/Epitaph Ability

Firstly, the distorted visage on the front and back cover art of the album ‘In The Court Of The Crimson King’ by the band King Crimson is quite reminiscent of the appearance of the small pinkish-red face that appears on both the forehead of Doppio and the King Crimson Stand. Also, a song within this album, ‘Epitaph’ appears to be in direct reference to the Epitaph side ability used by King Crimson (Stand)to give Diavolo and Doppio the ability to predict the future as seen on the inside of the characters bangs. The lyrics of the song as well describe Doppio’s character in parts of the first verse and the chorus-

“When every man is torn apart, With nightmares and with dreams…When silence drowns the screams…Confusion will be my epitaph, As I crawl a cracked and broken path…”

6 Jeff Beck/Giorno’s Favorite Musician

In the manga, Araki lists that Giorno’s favorite artist is English rock guitarist, Jeff Beck. Another reference to Jeff Beck within the series Battle Tendency is that of side character Wired Beck, one of the vampiric followers of Dio sent to kill Lisa Lisa, Joseph, and Caesar. He is both named after the artist Jeff Beck as well as ‘Wired’, his second solo album released in 1976.

5 The Gold Experience Album by Prince/Gold Experience Stand

Aside from the Stand’s namesake, there is another subtle homage to Prince’s The Gold Experience album. The curved design on Gold Experience’s headdress closely resembles the ‘love symbol’ that adorns the cover of the album. This iconic symbol created by Prince has been speculated to represent that of unity and acceptance in both gender and sexuality, and its shape combines the signs for male and female. This is rather fitting in that Giorno’s Stand appears to be androgynous with a curvy figure and full lips. Another reference to Prince is seen in Diamond is Unbreakable in the clothing that Josuke Higashikata wears, from the dark purple color to some of his poses and even the almost identical love symbol on the collar of his jacket.

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4 Little Feat ‘Under The Radar’ Album/Little Feet Stand

Little Feet, the Stand of enemy user Formaggio, a member of La Squadra Esecuzioni, can shrink down into any size as well as shrink any person or object it touches progressively over time. One of its attacks references the album cover of ‘Under the Radar’ by the band of a very similar name, Little Feat. This reference is seen during the fight against Formaggio and Narancia and the ability is one that is executed when the enemy Stands finger extends, seen on the album cover, but the reference goes even further in that Narancia’s Stand, Aerosmith is a small propeller airplane which is also depicted on the album cover. Also, due to Little Feet shrinking to that of the size of a sewer rat, he was able to move freely ‘under the radar’ and undetected by Aerosmith.

3 Snoop Dogg & Tupac/Narancia’s Favorite Musicians

In the manga, Araki lists that Narancia’s favorite artists are rappers and close friends Tupac and Snoop Doggy Dogg (known now as just Snoop Dogg). During the Torture Dance scene, the song ‘Canzoni Preferite’ that Mista, Fugo, and Narancia dance has a similar sound to songs by both artists as well as contains other references. It has been speculated that some of the moves within the dance are similar to that of Michael Jackson’s ‘Dangerous’ music video and also takes inspiration from the song ‘P Control’, included in Prince’s ‘Gold Experience’ album, which this series pays homage to in many other ways.

2 The Late Notorius B.I.G./Notorious B.I.G. Stand

Notorious B.I.G., the mysterious Stand of Carne, a member of the Boss’ Unità Speciale, is not only the obvious namesake of the late American rapper of the same name but also known as Biggie Smalls. In addition to its name, the very way that the Stand works is also an homage to him. ‘Life After Death’, which was the artist’s second and final studio album before his untimely death, is a reference to the Stand’s ability to be an automatic type that reactivates only after the User’s death.

1 Holy Diver Album Cover by Dio/The Cover of JJBA: Golden Wind Volume #62

Band references are not only used within the manga itself but also in the cover art. Giorno Giovanna, Dio’s son, is depicted on the cover of volume 62 of the series in the same pose as a figure that appears on the album cover of Holy Diver by the band DIO. Ironically enough, there are two references in the same instance, with the character Dio being Giorno’s estranged father, to the pose itself. Also reminiscent of the album cover, waves are crashing at the feet of the figure, and we see that on the manga cover as well. Another reference to this same album cover is the statue that is seen in the very beginning of the opening sequence of the anime that is in a similar pose as well.

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Music references are everywhere in JoJo, but some are more subtle than others. Here are some Part 5 references you missed.

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