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In the long-running manga/anime franchise JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, the combat system gets a bit of an overhaul. The first two story arcs involve Hamon/ripple and melee combat, while Stardust Crusaders and onwards make use of stands, or physical manifestations of the user’s combat power. Often, they are humanoid, or take more unique shapes.

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The fourth hero is Josuke Higashikata, the illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar, and his stand is Crazy Diamond. With it, Josuke can launch devastating melee attacks, repair objects, heal people (excluding himself), and even track down other entities by sending a damaged piece after them to be repaired. It is already clear that Josuke can handle the villains in Diamond is Unbreakable, but what about villains from other story arcs? He could find victory against many of them.

10 Oingo

This one is so lopsided, it’s almost funny. Oingo is an underpowered shapeshifter whose stand, Khnum, allows him to morph his face into someone else’s and use their voice. He tries to use this to assassinate Jotaro’s group while posing as Jotaro.

Without Boingo’s predictions, though, Khnum is difficult to use to any meaningful end, and Josuke would pummel him with just a few blows. By himself, Oingo isn’t even a contender.

9 Squalo & Tiziano

This is two characters in one, but they are always seen together, so they will count as a single entry. These men are minor antagonists in Golden Wind, and they coordinated their stands to take the fight to Giorno’s group.

Even together, though, they failed to do much serious damage to a group of stand users, though they did deal a blow when Giorno protected Narancia. In most circumstances, though, these guys are no match for Morioh’s #1 hero.

8 Hol Horse

He is a minor antagonist who later turned against his boss, DIO, and he’s a fan favorite. Hol Horse looks like a cowboy, and indeed, his stand (Emperor) takes the form of a silvery revolver with some added features.

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Emperor can fire bullets that curve around like magic bullets to reach a target, and this is going to be a challenge for Josuke in single combat, but the ultra-powerful Crazy Diamond should be able to handle it, and Hol Horse can’t match Josuke’s power at knife range.

7 Gray Fly

This old man is a stand user, and he’s one of the first villains whom Jotaro encountered en route to Egypt. His stand is Tower of Gray, which resembles a beetle, and it can fly with astonishing speed to assassinate victims.

Tower of Gray often tears out its victim’s tongues or punches through their heads to kill the, and it can dodge nearly anything. But it can’t handle surprise attacks, and with Crazy Diamond’s repair ability, Josuke could keep Tower of Gray busy and then hit it with a surprise attack from an odd angle (since pieces of a repaired item fly to each other at great speed from any direction).

6 Prosciutto

This would be a tricky one, but if Josuke acts fast, he can take on Prosciutto in a battle and beat him into submission. After all, Prosciutto’s stand, Grateful Dead, isn’t much of a melee fighter. It needs another stand to defend it.

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Grateful Dead can rapidly age anyone in a certain radius, and the warmer those people are, the faster they age, and their stand powers start to weaken, too. That’s why Josuke needs to waste no time in fighting Prosciutto, or he might be in trouble.

5 Secco

This is another tough one, but Josuke can find a way to defeat this monstrous villain. Secco is one of those few stand users whose stand, Oasis, acts as a suit of armor rather than a separate body. It gives him an affinity for earth.

Secco can dig rapidly and hear things through the ground, and even create shockwaves in the ground by punching it. Josuke can use Crazy Diamond’s fixing ability to reset the disrupted earth, though, and deliver a rapid beating to fight Secco on his own terms. It would be difficult, since Secco is tough even up close, but melee combat is Crazy Diamond’s specialty.

4 Imposter Captain Tennille

He tried to pass himself off as a ship captain, but he’s actually a villainous stand user, wielding the stand known as Dark Blue Moon. It is a mermaid-like stand with a flat, round face and sharp claws and webbed feet.

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On land, this should be a fairly easy fight, since Dark Blue Moon works best in the water. If the impostor captain and his stand retreat into water during a battle, Josuke would probably just leave. Why play by his opponent’s rules?

3 Alessi

This creepy stand user is quite ruthless, but his powers work best with an ambush. His stand, Sethan, imitates his shadow and can wield any weapon that Alessi is, but its offensive power is actually quite low.

Anyone who touches Alessi’s shadow is de-aged, even reverting to an infant if they’re exposed to his shadow long enough. Most likely, though, Josuke would confront Alessi and send him flying with just one punch unless Alessi is very careful about how he approaches Josuke.

2 Formaggio

This man is easily one of the weakest villains to appear in Golden Wind, and it took him a long time to get Narancia in a position where he was poised to win. Under ordinary circumstances, such as a face to face duel, he stands little chance.

His stand is Little Feet, which can shrink people and objects around it. He even trapped a miniature Narancia in a bottle with a spider. Josuke, though, would easily beat him senseless before any significant shrinking can be done.

1 Mariah

This woman is under the employ of DIO, and she used her stand, Bast, to good effect against Joseph and then Avdol. It’s a passive stand, which takes the form of an electrical outlet that the victim will touch out of curiosity.

The victim will then start attracting metal objects to their person, more and more until they get crushed. This is going to do nothing whatsoever in a duel against Josuke, who probably wouldn’t even need to throw a punch if he cornered her. It’s unlikely that he’d just touch an outlet for no reason, so Mariah has no defenses to rely upon.

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Josuke Higashikata is quite the hero of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, but which villains could he take on and win?

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