JoJo: 5 Marvel Villains Dio Would Serve (& 5 That Would Serve Him)

In Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Dio is one of the most powerful, and dangerous, vampires and Stand users. This is because he is absolutely obsessed with being the most powerful person out there, and he does whatever he can to achieve these goals. He also doesn’t really care about how his actions affect other people or seem to have a conscience of any kind, which makes him even more dangerous, since he can hurt people without hesitation.

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In this way, he has a lot in common with several Marvel supervillains. Some of them are more powerful than him, and he would maybe work under them while he works his way up in the world, while others would definitely support him as he works to achieve his goals. Here are five villains Dio would serve and five who would serve him.

10 Would Serve: Ultron

Ultron is all about adapting to new environments and learning new skills; he is essentially a robot bodyguard who learned to think for himself, after all. His willingness to wipe out everyone in order to take control of the planet would definitely be something Dio would be on board with, since Dio also wants to be ruling the planet. Plus, technology probably isn’t off the table for Dio as something he would explore in order to become more powerful.

9 Would Serve Him: Bullseye

Bullseye isn’t an incredibly powerful person, but he does have the great skill of perfect aim. This would make him a great foot soldier for Dio, taking care of lesser enemies or threats that are too small for Dio himself to contend with. Bullseye also tends to work for other people, since his own goals in the world are pretty small; Dio is a perfect person for Bullseye to report to because of this.

8 Would Serve: Apocalypse

Apocalypse is incredibly old and therefore incredibly powerful. He wants to destroy humans in order to let mutants take their rightful place on Earth, since they’re stronger than humans and are the next step evolutionarily.

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Dio, who has been a person slowly evolving himself, bringing new powers and strength to himself, would definitely support this plan, since he also wants to be a part of a world order with himself at the top.

7 Would Serve Him: Rhino

Rhino is a physically strong character who doesn’t really have much else going for him. He rarely does things on his own, and he usually reports to someone else in power, who makes decisions for him. Dio would be a perfect person for Rhino to serve, since Dio has both a lot of power and also a very clear idea of what his goals are. Rhino would definitely go along for the ride on on Dio’s quest for power.

6 Would Serve: Kang The Conqueror

Kang is great at hoarding power; he’s incredibly intelligent, and he comes from the future, where technology is more advanced. He uses this technology to travel through time, setting up the past in a way that makes his future rule of Earth inevitable. Dio, who also manipulates events in order to achieve power, would definitely admire this and would want to get in on the deal, even if he is also playing his own game in order to grasp power.

5 Would Serve Him: Taskmaster

Taskmaster is literally a person who works in the service of others. Since he’s a mercenary, he generally works for the highest bidder and sometimes just the person who has the most political or physical power.

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Dio would definitely be able to put someone like Taskmaster to work, using his skills in order to rid himself of pesky enemies that are beneath his own concern.

4 Would Serve: Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom spends all of his time collecting power and making himself stronger, both physically and politically, as he creates bigger armies of Doombots and fortifies his country. Dio similarly is out to collect power in whatever form it comes, and Dr. Doom has a different method than Dio is used to, since he’s so heavily focused on science. Doom wouldn’t turn away someone like Dio, and Dio wouldn’t accept someone being stronger than him, which would likely mean they’d work well together to achieve their own goals.

3 Would Serve Him: Toad

Toad doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking for himself. He’s a follower through and through, which is why Magneto has made such great use of him. He’s also not terribly powerful, so he allies himself with people who are stronger than him. Dio fits this bill exactly, and Toad would definitely cling to the coattails of someone who he thinks might rule the world someday, if only to avoid being destroyed himself by the power he admires.

2 Would Serve: Thanos

Thanos, like Dio, is pretty obsessed with power. He’s not actually all that interested in being in charge of anything; he’s mostly out to sow as much chaos as possible. This is the reason that he collects the Infinity Stones, to cause as much death and destruction as he can with the least amount of work. Dio would definitely admire this single-minded dedication to achieving great power and would likely want to climb the ranks for himself under Thanos.

1 Would Serve Him: Loki

One of the ways that Dio works to get ahead is by manipulating those around him. Loki similarly schemes mostly by tricking people into doing what he wants them to do through illusions or just plain lies. Dio is physically stronger than Loki, though Loki has magic on his side, and Loki tends to follow people he thinks can give him a good leg up in the world, at least for a short time until he can manipulate his way into the better position of power.

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Dio may be the cream of the crop when it comes to the villains of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, but how would he fare against the of Marvel?

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