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In Hirohiko Araki’s long-running anime/manga franchise JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, the Joestar protagonists are the heroes, but they can’t save the day alone. Even Joseph Joestar and Jotaro need a team to back them up, and these warriors can use Hamon in the first two arcs and powerful stands from Stardust Crusaders onwards. Each hero has a loyal squad, and that includes Lisa Lisa and Trish Una.

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Lisa Lisa is Joseph Joestar’s mother and a Hamon user, and Trish Una is the estranged (and stand-using) daughter of the insidious mafia boss Diavolo. Each of them was a valuable ally to a different Joestar hero, and the fans love them. But when it comes to a single Best Girl, should it be Lisa Lisa, or does Trish deserve that title more? Let’s consider each one’s personality, abilities, and finest moments to decide.

10 Trish Una: Cool Introduction

Some characters in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure have more memorable entrances than others do. Trish Una had a clever introduction when she appeared before Giorno’s group in disguise, looking like an ordinary cleaning lady.

But no, this was the boss’s daughter, and she soon shed that disguise and started dishing out some rapid-fire orders so she could be pampered as much as possible. She went from humble to lofty pretty quick, and it was a lot of fun to watch.

9 Lisa Lisa: Family Role

Trish Una may be the daughter of Diavolo, but Lisa Lisa is the daughter of Erina Pendleton, a vital member of the Joestar family. When Jonathan gave his life on that ship to subdue Dio Brando’s severed head, he found a baby girl and entrusted her to Erina.

That baby girl was Lisa Lisa, who grew up to learn the ways of Hamon and also marry Jonathan’s son, George Joestar II. Thus, Lisa Lisa became a part of the famed Joestar family, and Joseph is her son.

8 Trish: She Grows Up

Trish Una made a poor first impression since she was spoiled rotten and wanted everything her way. She certainly acted like the daughter of a rich man, but the good news is that she soon outgrew this behavior during the journey ahead.

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She soon stopped making such outlandish demands and learned that traveling on the run meant living lean, and she became tough and reliable, a true member of the group. By the end credits, Trish was a respectable young woman 100%, someone any father could be proud of (Diavolo was in no shape to see it, though).

7 Lisa Lisa: Expert Teacher

Lisa Lisa is an expert on the use of Hamon; that much is clear. But it’s not just that; she has the aptitude for training others, too, and she is happy to pass on her knowledge to others. She joins the ranks of Jiraiya, Kisuke Urahara, Master Roshi, and Gran Torino for great anime mentors.

Lisa Lisa doesn’t take it easy on her students, either, even when one of them is her own son. She put Joseph and Caesar in very real danger on that Hamon pillar, and either of them could have lost their lives if they weren’t careful. Nothing like steep odds to drill a lesson into someone’s head.

6 Trish: Learned Compassion

This ties into Trish’s earlier entry: she really becomes a much more grown-up person during the events of Golden Wind, meaning she has a great character arc. Lisa Lisa is a star in Battle Tendency, but she’s also rather static.

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Not Trish. Viewers can watch her become much more compassionate and tender towards others, acting like a caring sister to everyone who is now close to her. She becomes such a likable character that way. She will even risk her life to save other lives first, like in the battle against the vicious Grateful Dead stand.

5 Lisa Lisa: Great Outfit

It is safe to say that even in a flamboyant anime series like this one, Lisa Lisa is one of the best-dressed characters there is. Her outfits are classy, elegant, and eye-catching without being gaudy or strange just for the sake of it.

Lisa Lisa has been seen in both light and dark-colored outfits, and she can move around just fine in those fancy duds and fight the Pillar Men and other vampires at full strength. As a bonus, she can charge that scarf with hamon as a bonus weapon.

4 Trish: She Becomes Brave

This is the third and perhaps most important way in which Trish grows up as a character: she learns a great deal of courage. She isn’t much of a fighter at first, and Bucciarati and the others are her bodyguards. But later, she can fight for herself.

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Trish awakens her own stand, Spice Girl, which can soften items and make them rubbery, too. She took charge of the situation against the deadly Notorious B.I.G. stand, and with her fearless plan, the group survived a close encounter with that seemingly undefeatable stand.

3 Lisa Lisa: Trustworthy

Lisa Lisa is a big deal, and this includes events that took place in between Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency. As a girl, she was adopted by Straizo, an ally of Jonathan Joestar’s, and he trained her in the ways of Hamon.

But he did more than that. By the time Lisa Lisa was 18 years old, Straizo also entrusted her with the ultra-important Red Stone of Aja, the key to defeating the Pillar Men. Not just anyone should receive a treasure like that.

2 Trish: Defied Her Cruel Father

Trish feared the idea of meeting her father, but that didn’t stop her from traveling with Bucciarati’s group to confront him all the same. She grew anxious, and found a way to keep those feelings in check.

Then, during the final climax against Diavolo, Trish openly defied her monstrous father, and she turned the battle against him temporarily by softening several bullets. In Mista’s body (there was a body swap), Trish boldly declared that she would no longer cower or flee.

1 Lisa Lisa: Unshakable

Joseph has few allies to call upon during his quest to take down the three Pillar Men, and at some point, Caesar gives his very life in the battle against these monsters. He’s not sure if he can get the job done, but Lisa Lisa is having no such issues.

She is cool as a cucumber the entire time, and she strides into the enemy’s lair with steely resolve and confidence, as pictured. No one can rattle her or get under her skin, showing just how tough and self-assured she is. That can help reassure any nervous ally for sure.

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Trish Una Vs. Lisa Lisa, when it comes down to it, which of the two is the best girl of the series?

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