Justice League: 10 Rebellious Members That Never Followed The Team’s Rules

While some comic book superteams are considered as close as families and have grown in similar ways over the years, the Justice League has always been about saving the world with the best members possible, without regard to personal relationships and attitudes.

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This has led to quite a few disagreements between members who are often considered rebellious, with a few disagreeable members standing out that just couldn’t seem to follow the rules. We’ll take a closer look at a few of the bad apples of the Justice League that had trouble falling in line with DC’s greatest heroes.


Oliver Queen/Green Arrow was one of the first new heroes to join the Justice League in the Silver Age, and he would occasionally rejoin the team over the years, though Ollie’s socio-political stance frequently brought him into conflict with the Justice League.

Ollie would even form his own version of the team in the Cry For Justice storyline that would be much more pro-active than previous iterations, as he felt the League wasn’t doing enough to stop the threats of the DC Universe.


While the Justice League began as an American team, they soon grew and evolved to become Justice League International, and attempted to bring in heroes from around the world to better represent the world-saving team.

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Russia included a member of their armored Rocket Red Brigade on the team, though the first Rocket Red member revealed it was secretly a robotic Manhunter during the Invasion storyline. Later Rocket Red pilots worked better with the League, though they continued to clash with League members over idealistic beliefs.


Michael Jon Carter came from the future with an arsenal of stolen tech to become the superhero of the 20th century known as Booster Gold, who found himself working alongside the JLI when Maxwell Lord suggested him for membership.

Booster saw his membership with the League as a way to raise his own stardom, and launched a number of get-rich-quick schemes that threatened his place on the team and called his loyalty into question.


The second man to use the name Blue Beetle was the first to join the League, and after developing a close friendship with Booster Gold, Beetle would soon find himself on all kinds of rebellious missions to make money, including turning a villain’s former island hideout into a casino.

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Beetle would again be forced to work outside the League’s rules when he began investigating g Checkmate and Maxwell Lord’s involvement in the OMAC project, which would ultimately lead to his death and the Infinite Crisis.


Hal Jordan was the Silver Age Green Lantern and a founding member of the Justice League, though he has at times found himself at odds with the League and their restrictions, largely when it came to the political borders of Earth.

As an intergalactic member of the Green Lantern Corps, Hal is in charge of his entire space sector and often works with the assumption that he has a higher jurisdiction than the League. During his time as Parallax, Hal also actively attempted to reboot the DC universe which turned the League against him in Zero Hour.


Maxima is a member of the royal family of the alien Almeracs, and as such she first traveled to Earth hoping to find a worthy mate, which she thought she found with Superman. Maxima would appear a few times as a villain after Superman rebuked her, though she would eventually join the Justice League.

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Maxima fluctuated between hero and villain during this time, joining both the Superman Revenge Squad and the Extreme Justice team, making her not only a rebellious member but a powerful frienemy.


The character of Triumph first appeared during the Zero Hour event when it was revealed that he had actually been the leader of the team during their first battle, though when he sacrificed himself to save Earth, all memories of Triumph disappeared.

Upon his return, he joined with the Justice League Task Force, though his attitude made him a hated character and he consistently made bad, selfish decisions that endangered his team and led him to become a villain after he broke the rules too many times.


There hasn’t been a rule, either legal and magical, that the supernatural con man John Constantine hasn’t broken at some time, and he continued to be his unreliable self when he joined with other mystical heroes to form the Justice League Dark.

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Constantine has been kicked off the team repeatedly due to his blatant disregard of the League’s rules, though his skill and expertise with magic has kept him on the team, despite the fact that he almost always has a con in play that will serve him well.


Nathaniel Adams is both a military man and a man out of time, as he was transformed into Captain Atom by a military experiment that gave him his incredibly powerful abilities while also sending him decades into the future.

Captain Atom joined with the Justice League but soon found himself at odds with the other leaders of the team like Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter, which resulted in the offshoot team known as Extreme Justice, which included other rebellious members like Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, and Maxima.


Without a doubt, the biggest troublemaker on the Justice League has been Guy Gardner, who fought over the leadership of the team from the very first day he joined and even got into a confrontation with Batman that resulted in Guy getting famously one-punched.

As a member of the Green Lantern Corps, Guy Gardner was initially overcome with arrogance and elitism due to his position that often caused issues with the League, and while he has grown, he hasn’t been invited back to the League in years.

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The Justice League has welcomed many members over the years, though a few of them never learned how to play well with others.

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