Justice League: Cyborg Actor Ray Fisher Says He Almost Saw the Snyder Cut

Justice League star Ray Fisher claims he nearly saw Zack Snyder’s vision of the 2017 DC Extended Universe film.

Fisher told ComicBook.com he just missed out on seeing it for himself. The 32-year-old explained, “Timing-wise, I don’t think things have really worked out. There was one point in time where I was supposed to watch it, but some stuff came up and unfortunately it was not an option for me. Who knows? I might see it soon.”

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It’s no secret that Joss Whedon taking over from Snyder as Justice League‘s director caused a whole host of problems. As well as reshoots pushing the movie massively over budget, it became apparent the two had very different ideas on how the superhero ensemble should look. Since then, there have been numerous campaigns to #releasetheSnyderCut.

Snyder has been teasing various tidbits of the Snyder Cut on his Vero account since Justice League first released at the end of 2017. Parts that were cut by Whedon’s theatrical release included the introduction of Darkseid for a possible Justice League 2 and a much larger part for Fisher’s Cyborg.

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Cyborg actor Ray Fisher admitted he missed the chance to see Zack Snyder's version of Justice League.

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