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With the official announcement of a Justice League Dark series as part of HBO Max from director J.J. Abrams, DC’s mystic team has been circulating quite a bit. Composed of a wide variety of members from Batman and Wonder Woman to Zatanna and John Constantine, the team mainly deals with magical and supernatural threats.

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With the Justice League Dark lineup already on the mind, why not contemplate how they’d hold up against Marvel’s cornerstone team. Even though it’s a battle that would never happen, let’s consider who would be the true winner if Justice League Dark and the Avengers were to ever face off against one another.

10 Ruthlessness: Justice League Dark

In terms of the more ruthless bunch, neither groups are particularly heartless in the way they go about their business. However, as their group name suggests, the Justice League Dark team operates outside the lines, utilizing dark arts to minimize supernatural threats. Although they aren’t exactly ruthless in the typical sense of the word, the Justice League Dark crew can get a little sinister in the way they use their abilities, and certainly much more than the Avengers ever do.

9 Tactical/Tech Advantage: Avengers

A good portion of the Avengers heavily rely on some sort of tech or tactical equipment to make them an actual useful member of the team. The Justice League Dark team, on the other hand, is entirely composed of people using some kind of natural or given ability.

The only leg up that Justice League Dark really gets in the way of a tactical or technical advantage is during the brief time of Batman being part of the team in the 2017 Justice League Dark animated film. Otherwise, the Avengers have a much bigger advantage in the way of members with insane tech and advanced tactical strategy.

8 Heavy Hitter Advantage: Tie

Both the Avengers and Justice League Dark have their fair share of heavy hitters, which makes this category essentially dead even. What’s unique about this though is that they’re not all just two Hulk-like heroes canceling each other out.

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For example, a character like Captain Marvel would offset with a Justice League Dark member like Wonder Woman. In the way of the Hulk, one of Marvel and the Avengers’ biggest heavy hitters, you can assume that Swamp Thing would be able to hold his own in that fight. The mythical and magical members of both teams are heavy hitters in their own way as well, but considering both sides have their fair share of magical masters, let’s just chalk this entire section up as a tie.

7 Main Inherent Abilities: Justice League Dark

This one is as close to a no-brainer as you can get. Nearly every member of the Justice League Dark team, no matter what iteration you’re looking at, gets their power in some kind of inherent way, excluding Bruce Wayne. For the Avengers, it’s probably a fair split of heroes with inherent abilities and those that get their power from some kind of external force. There’s really no competition when it comes to which group has more inherent power.

6 Main External Abilities: Avengers

It may not be an advantage, per se, but the external abilities of most Avengers members are arguably their biggest strength. Some of their most powerful members, Iron Man specifically, are those that utilize some kind of external means, such as a suit of armor.

A good majority, if not nearly half, of the Avengers, other than just Iron Man, get their abilities externally. So, in way of comparison with the external forces of Justice League Dark, there’s practically no debate.

5 Mystic Advantage: Justice League Dark

Despite characters like Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, and Wiccan, the Avengers don’t have much of an advantage against Justice League Dark when it comes to the mystical and dark arts. DC’s dark iteration of their most popular super-team is entirely based around the mystic arts so it should come as no surprise that they have an advantage over the Avengers in that category.

While the mystic members of the Avengers certainly carry significant weight and power, they just don’t stack up against the sheer amount of supernatural ability that makes up a majority of Justice League Dark.

4 Enemy Power Level: Tie

It’s certainly no secret that the Avengers have been around much longer than Justice League Dark, the latter only being around since 2011. While the Avengers have taken on a much larger number of super villains, both have fought bad guys of equal caliber. Justice League Dark has even had many of their members as part of the Justice League, meaning they’ve all fought against some of DC’s most powerful villains. With both groups, at one point or another, having fought against the most powerful enemies of their respective sides, another tie is in order.

3 Back-Up: Avengers

Much of the Avengers’ advantage over the Justice League Dark teams comes from just their most basic groups. For example, the early Phase 1 Avengers of the MCU would be able to hold their own against DC’s mystic group.

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However, with the assistance of Marvel’s massive expanded roster, the fight would be nowhere near even. Even with the smallest amount of backup, the Avengers would have no problem outnumbering and overpowering the Justice League Dark team.

2 Established Victory: Avengers

Justice League Dark was created in 2011. The Avengers were created in 1963. One of the least surprising elements of a comparison between the two is that the Avengers have a much more extensive list of past victories. With so much more time and so many more stories on the side of the Avengers, Justice League Dark doesn’t hold much of a candle to the former.

Although the Avengers secure another victory here, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty more to come for the Justice League Dark team. Only having existed for less than a decade, they’ve got plenty of room to expand on the brilliant stories they’ve already told and add to the impressive list of victories they’ve already experienced.

1 Winner: Avengers

All in all, the Avengers have too many advantages over Justice League Dark. Although it’d probably be a fair fight, for the most part, the Avengers really gain their strength in their numbers. They also have a leg up in the form of their cohesiveness as a team.

Justice League Dark is often a shattered group composed of people with unpopular opinions of one another. In a fight like this one, that fact would certainly come back to bite them. Although an unrealistic one, the battle between the Avengers and the Justice League Dark team would be a competitive one, but would ultimately fall in favor of Marvel’s flagship supergroup.

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Who would win in fight, DC's Justice League Dark or Marvel's Avengers? Here are some point of arguments for both.

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