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In the DC Universe, the Justice League is the first line of defense against some of the greatest threats to Earth and beyond. But there are some threats even they can’t handle. That’s when Justice League Dark steps in, a team uniquely equipped to handle the magic and monsters out there.

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Marvel’s Champions, on the other hand, are not necessarily the first line of defense but they’re up for pretty much any fight. The most recent iteration of the team features some of Marvel’s youngest heavy hitters. While it’s easy to assume that JLD would walk away with the win, don’t underestimate the Champions.


If there’s one thing the Justice League Dark has in good numbers, it’s monsters. They have a few classic monsters on the team, like a vampire named Andrew Bennett and Frankenstein. JLD even has a few DC original monsters such as Swamp Thing.

This gives them some dangerous power sets, as well as a high intimidation factor. Staring across a battlefield at Frankenstein would be unnerving at best.

10 CHAMPIONS: Devil Dinosaur

The Champions might not have a crew of monsters on their team but they do have a huge, red dinosaur. With his partner Moon Girl on his back, who might be the smartest character in the Marvel Universe, Devil Dinosaur is as powerful as a T-Rex with the intelligence of an average human.

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He and Moon Girl share a mental link, giving them an advantage in combat that few can replicate.


The depth of the mystical prowess on this team should never be underestimated. John Constantine and Zatanna are both members and have served as leaders of JLD at different times. These are two of DC’s most preeminent sorcerers.

Beyond that, JLD also boasts a roster of beings who have more than a passing familiarity with the mystical arts. For a lot of heroes and villains, defending against magic can be a huge problem.

8 CHAMPIONS: Technical Advantages

While the Champions might not be able to match up against the JLD when it comes to mystical capabilities, they sure have them beat on the technological end of the spectrum.

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In addition to Moon Girl’s impressive intellect, the team also has Amadeus Cho and Riri Williams on their roster. Those members certainly give them an edge in intellect and technology. That doesn’t even take into account Viv Vision.


Having a teammate almost no one knows about has to give your team an advantage, especially when that teammate has the ability to possess almost anyone.

Deadman has long been a wildcard in the DC Universe, popping up at the most unexpected times, and performing heroic acts most heroes never discover. But he’s around, and he was a member of the original iteration of the JLD. Their opponents never see him coming.

6 CHAMPIONS: Amadeus Cho

As the eighth smartest person on Earth, Cho was already a dangerous opponent for most villains. Then, he got the powers of the Hulk and everything that comes with being part of that exclusive club. Super intellect and super strength is always a winning combination.

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But that’s not what makes him such a key member of the team. Unlike Bruce Banner, Cho doesn’t see his powers as a burden. His confidence in himself and all of his abilities is what makes him so formidable.

5 JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK: Powerful Backup

When you run a superhero team, it’s important to make sure that you have reserve members you can call on when the chips are down. No matter how powerful your main roster is, there will inevitably be threats they can’t handle on their own. Justice League Dark has some impressive backup.

This includes The Phantom Stranger, whose mystical powers are vast, undefined, and make him capable of anything, and Shade, the Changing Man who can straight up warp reality. The downside is that these players move in their own mysterious ways and are not always available.

4 CHAMPIONS: Have Their Own Reserves

The Champions might not have reality-warping mystics in their reserves but they still have a roster of young heroes waiting in the wings to back them up. Sometimes reliability is more important than power level. It’s nice to know if you call Dust or Patriot that they’re going to show up.

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While not having Phantom Stranger or Shade available isn’t optimal, they do have Gwenpool. On second thought, that really doesn’t cover the gap.


Several of the heroes on the Justice League Dark have been in the game for a long time, some possibly since the dawn of reality. That level of experience can give them an edge in almost any fight. But this goes far beyond just facing mystical threats.

The beings that make up this team have faced foes from all parts of the DC Universe and beyond. The JLD should be respected accordingly.

2 CHAMPIONS: Stand Up For Themselves

Keeping in mind that this version of the Champions is made up of kids, it would be easy to write them off, especially when facing adult heroes and villains. People underestimating them gives the team an immediate edge.

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The Champions formed because the founding members were disappointed by the adult heroes in Marvel. They are not afraid to stand up for themselves and what they believe in.


The Justice League Dark certainly walks into this fight with the edge, mostly due to experience and the vast mystical powers at their disposal. The Champions will ultimately end up winning this fight, thanks to the brilliant minds at their disposal.

They will work out a strategy to take the JLD down. That being said, if the likes of The Phantom Stranger come to play on behalf of the JLD, the outcome might not be the same.

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While it's easy to assume that JLD would walk away with the win, we should not underestimate the Champions.

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