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There seems to be an endless array of superhero teams in comics. It’s reminiscent of professional wrestling when a wrestler doesn’t have a storyline, therefore, the promotion just puts them in a team. Justice League Dark and the Teen Titans certainly have a few members like that.

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Their most recent lineups were comprised of a healthy mixture of DC’s best and brightest alongside characters that weren’t in a spot to headline their own books but were still awesome. Both teams are talented and powerful, but which one would win?

11 JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK: Mystical Prowess

The level of mystical talent available to Justice League Dark is almost unfathomable. Zatanna, one of DC’s greatest mystical heroes, is a main member of the team. On top of that, John Constantine is a consulting member of the team, meaning the degenerate sorcerer is always hovering around.

If that isn’t impressive enough, Dr. Fate is considered a supporting member and advisor, including both Kent Nelson and Khalid Nassour. The depth of their mystical powers, knowledge, and experience is devastating.

10 TEEN TITANS: An Actual Genie

As impressive as JLD’s mystical members are, it’s important to note that the Teen Titans have an actual, full-on genie in their midst. Djinn is a 4000-year-old sila, the name for the rare females of her species. She is incredibly powerful, with a vast array of abilities that includes illusions, energy constructs, reality manipulation and so much more.

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But Djinn’s biggest problem is that she can’t access those abilities to their full potential without a master. Even without her full powers, Djinn has 4000 years of experience and mystical knowledge to draw on.


In the experience category, Justice League Dark certainly has the edge. Heroes like Wonder Woman, Dr. Fate, and Zatanna have been in the game for a long time. Even Man-Bat has a number of years behind him.

The battles some of these people have been involved in have changed reality, with the heroes often barely surviving and managing to come out on top in the end. There is very little they have not seen or beaten.

8 TEEN TITANS: Silent, But Deadly

The current incarnation of the Teen Titans might not have the experience that the JLD does, but they do have an impressive skill set. Robin and Kid Arrow are two of DC’s most proficient killers, if they choose to kill. They move so quietly that they can be in and out before their enemies even know they’ve arrived.

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That doesn’t even factor in Kid Flash, who can move at almost imperceptible speeds. The simple reality is that they have the ability to complete most missions quietly and efficiently.


While they’re not the most subtle group, Justice League Dark certainly has a lot of power at its disposal. Their mystical depth is impressive but they’ve also got Wonder Woman on the team.

That’s not even taking into account the presence of Swamp Thing, an Avatar of The Green with the ability to control all plant life and so much more. They bring such a devastating range of abilities to the table that it’s honestly hard to plan to fight them.

6 TEEN TITANS: Unpredictable

The same can be said of the Teen Titans, as they have one hell of an unpredictable member. For those who don’t know, Lobo, the Main Man, has a daughter who operates as a member of the Teen Titans under the name Crush. She is half-human and half-Czarnian, though her mother has yet to be revealed.

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Raised by adoptive human parents, Crush has enhanced strength, stamina, endurance, and senses thanks to her Czarnian heritage. She’s also protected by a sentient, living chain named Obelus, which is odd, to say the least. Unfortunately for anyone she fights, Crush inherited her father’s rage issues and erratic nature.


As great of a leader of the Teen Titans as Damian Wayne is, it’s hard to measure up to someone with the skill and experience of Wonder Woman. The Amazonian warrior has been a member of the Justice League for decades and is considered one of DC’s greatest heroes alongside Superman and Batman.

Diana’s Amazonian sisters raised her to not only be the toughest on the battlefield but also a leader when in combat. Simply put, having Wonder Woman on any team gives them an edge.

4 TEEN TITANS: Wildcard Member

Roundhouse might not be the best-trained warrior in the fight but he is certainly one of the oddest. He is actually capable of changing his shape into various spheres. This doesn’t mean he just changes into a ball. Roundhouse can become spheres made of various elements, including fire and ice, and can increase and decrease in size.

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Once in a spherical form, Roundhouse has superhuman speed, strength, and durability. How does someone even prepare for something like that?

3 JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK: Anything Is Possible

The problem of fighting a team like JLD is that quite literally anything is possible. That’s not just because of all the sorcerers on their team, though it does factor into the equation. Just when someone thinks they have got things figured out, JLD throws a Man-Bat at them.

If that doesn’t get the job done, a big green guy grows out of a plant and sends a bunch of venus flytraps after the group’s enemies. On the off chance someone believes they can outthink them, JLD even has DC’s greatest investigator Detective Chimp on call. They have an answer to any question their enemies pose.

2 TEEN TITANS: Potential

While the Teen Titans are young and more than a little inexperienced, that doesn’t change the fact that they have all the potential in the world. They are powerful, full of youthful energy, and ready to take the world by storm. The future for this team is virtually unlimited.

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Nobody wants to be the villain fighting them when they realize their potential. It’s just going to take that right moment to put the Teen Titans in the position to take the next step.


In the end, it’s Justice League Dark that pulls out the victory. There are a number of reasons for this but the biggest one is Wonder Woman. She is one of the best that DC has to offer, both as a hero and as a leader.

Given the strange range of teammates she has on Justice League Dark, it’s hard to imagine a threat she couldn’t lead them to victory over. The Teen Titans just aren’t ready for this fight, but they will be someday.

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Justice League Dark and Teen Titans are two of DC's best and most diverse teams, but who would win if the two ever clashed?

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