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While Adam Brody was once supposed to suit up as The Flash in Justice League: Mortal, a new look at his cowl from George Miller’s canceled movie has made its way online.

Seven Friends: George Miller’s Justice League director Ryan Unicomb showed off Barry Allen’s mask on Instagram and confirmed it’s the first time the costume has been shown to the general public. “Showed a little sneak peek at the never before seen FLASH costume that Adam Brody’s Barry Allen would’ve worn in Justice League Mortal,” he wrote. He also teased that there will be plenty more to see when the aforementioned documentary is released during the upcoming holiday season.

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Apart from some generic latex coloring and furrowed brow, there isn’t much to go on from Unicomb’s post. However, this is the first time Brody’s costume has seen the light of day. Unicomb’s unveiling of Allen’s mask comes just after he shared a look at the cowl that was supposed to be worn by Armie Hammer’s Batman. Neither costume was finished, leading to a few rare snaps to show how Justice League: Mortal could’ve looked.

Long before Ezra Miller suited up as The Flash in the DC Extended Universe, Brody was supposed to give the Scarlet Speedster his first live-action, big-screen outing. However, the movie slipped into development hell and was canceled just before filming was supposed to begin in Australia. Brody has previously promised Miller’s movie would’ve been “f*****g epic” but said he wasn’t crushed when Warner Bros. eventually pulled the plug.

Aside from Brody and Hammer as The Flash and Batman, the cast would’ve included D.J. Cotrona as Superman, Megan Gale as Wonder Woman, Santiago Cabrera as Aquaman, Hugh Keays-Byrne as Martian Manhunter and Common as John Stewart/Green Lantern. Additionally, Jay Baruchel was tapped to play the villainous Maxwell Lord and Anton Yelchin was going to portray the Wally West version of The Flash.

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Following his success on The O.C. and Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Brody’s comedy roles made him a logical choice to play The Flash in Justice League: Mortal. Instead, he went on to star in Jennifer’s Body and Scream 4. Despite just missing out on playing Barry Allen, though, Brody was still drawn to the world of DC movies and had a cameo in 2019’s Shazam!

Alongside Unicomb’s reveal of Brody’s mask, expect to see plenty more insights into the movie that never happened when Seven Friends: George Miller’s Justice League is released.

Fans of George Miller's canceled Justice League: Mortal can get a new look at Adam Brody's costume if he'd suited up as Barry Allen/The Flash.

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