Kaguya-Sama: 10 Amazing Pieces of Hayasaka Fan Art You Have To See

Kaguya might be Love Is War’s star, but she wouldn’t be able to survive some of the antics she goes through without the help of her personal maid and friend Ai Hayasaka. Hayasaka is always watching Kaguya, making sure she’s on the right path. It’s one of the most interesting dynamics in the show.

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Though she gets her fair share of screen time, Hayasaka is often regulated to a supporting role. But that doesn’t mean she’s not appreciated in the fan community. In fact, she’s one of the most popular characters in the series. Here’s some great fan art of Hayasaka you have to see.

10 Classroom Antics – Noir(のわーる)

Most of where fans see Hayasaka is at the Shinomiya household, but there are times when she’s shown while undercover at school. Hayasaka has a pretty keen fashion sense, even if it is just for recognisance sake.

Noir(のわーる) has a very unique style and it really shines through with this piece. The artist really makes the eyes a standout of this piece, and they’re the first thing you notice when you look.

9 Shy – SEON

Hayasaka is a completely different person outside of work. Much like Kaguya, she has different personas to match various situations and interactions.

Hayasaka is incredibly outgoing at school, so seeing her so reserved in this setting might seem odd. But SEON does a great job of drawing the character, and shows you just what Hayasaka’s really like at the end of the day.

8 On The Job – Holly:)

Hayasaka’s whole life revolves around her job as Kaguya’s maid. Her employment by the Shinomiya family is something she’ born into, so it’s not something she does by choice. But it’s something that she does well nonetheless.

Holly:) draws Hayasaka in her work clothes, and it’s a look fans should be familiar with. The artist’s style is very nice, and the drawing makes use of some light colors which really gives it a nice look.

7 Student Mode – リック

Hayasaka might be stern and no nonsense when with Kaguya, but her at school persona is completely different. Hayasaka is much more sociable and able to adapt to trends when adopting her school disguise.

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リック gets her temperament down with this piece of fan art. The art looks really nice, and while she has the same serious look as ever, the way she’s acting seems very much in-line with how she would with her classmates.

6 Hayasaka’s Different Looks – Gar32

Fans who read the manga and who are therefore way far ahead in the story know that Hayasaka goes through a bit of an image change. She has some big character development, and her look reflects that.

Gar32 draws both the old and new Hayasaka in their piece. Each one looks great, and seeing how the artist creatively depicts the character really shows you how versatile her design is.

5 Stare – 君野朋成

There are times when Hayasaka can be scarier than Kaguya. In fact, it’s happened on quite a few occasions. She often doesn’t show it, but there are times when her façade cracks.

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君野朋成 depicts one of those rare moments really well here. The artist uses a somewhat neutral color pallet, and it really helps bring attention to Hayasaka’s expression here.

4 Frustrated – Alisia@お仕事募集中

Hayasaka isn’t some monotone character trope, even if she does seem so at times. She’s got a wide range that isn’t always used in the series.

Alisia@お仕事募集中draws a slightly frustrated looking Hayasaka with their piece. The artist really distinguishes their style from others with this piece, and they manage to perfectly capture Hayasaka’s emotions with this one.

3 Morning Routine – Melk

Hayasaka’s student design might be the one fans are the most accustomed with, as she’s often shown in this setting. In fact, you see her as a student about as much as you do as a maid.

Melk does a great job of recreating that look with their piece of fan art. Haysaka looks just like her manga and anime counterpart here, and you can tell that the artist went to allot of work to get the design just right.

2 Sleepy Head – つみ

Hayasaka does an insane amount of work in her job as Shinomiya family servant. It’s way more than you’d expect from what she passes off as a part-time job. With all that she does, you have to wonder if she ever clocks out on the job.

つみ takes that into consideration, and draws a tuckered out Hayasaka here. The art looks very wholesome, and it points out that Hayasaka is as vulnerable as any of the other characters.

1 Not Happy – びびちき

Hayasaka doesn’t exactly show off a wide range of emotions. But when she’s angry, fans know.

びびちき brings attention to Hayasaka’s disappointment here by bringing focus to her eye. It really allows for the viewer to zero in on her and get a full idea of what she’s thinking.

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Hayasaka is a popular character, and these fan artists showed their appreciation with their amazing fan art.

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