Kaguya-Sama: 10 Amazing Pieces of Kaguya Fan Art You Have To See

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War has exploded in popularity in recent years. With the second season of the anime currently airing, its popularity is going to continue to skyrocket from here. There’s a lot about the series that makes it enjoyable, and with 18 volumes currently in circulation it doesn’t seem like the series is going to end anytime soon.

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A big reason as to why the series is so popular rests on the shoulders of its heroine, Kaguya. Though she seems like a stereotypical gifted character from the outset, Kaguya’s inability to properly express herself and her tough time interacting with others all make her an easily relatable character. These fan artists showed off their skills by paying homage to the character. So take a look at these amazing pieces of Kaguya fan art.

10 Sad Kaguya – 米饭是菜

Kaguya puts up an icy exterior at times. But as fans of the series know, she’s very insecure about a lot of things and doesn’t afford herself the opportunity to express those concerns.

米饭是菜 gets that side of Kaguya down really nicely with their art. The water color style reflects the character;;s emotions very well, and the whole piece comes together beautifully as a result.

9 Cutting Strings – グムラット /Goomrrat

Kaguya has many different faces, and how she acs all depends on who she interacts with. As fans will have noticed throughout the anime and manga, Kaguya very rarely lets her guard down.

グムラット /Goomrrat draws a slightly more devious Kaguya with their fan art and it represents her character beautifully. The expression on her face seems pretty accurate to what we’ve seen so far, and the artwork is amazing.

8 Spring Time – Pillo

For all the deception, trickery and underhanded planning that Kaguya is capable of, she’s really not that bad deep down. Fans of the series have seen her sweeter side on many occasions.

Pillo creates a beautiful looking scene here with Kaguya and some cherry blossoms, and the result is amazing. The light colors work beautifully with Kaguya’s design, and everything really comes together nicely.

7 Lonely – 彼方

Fans of the series have seen Kaguya experience some pretty bad lows. The more you learn about her, her family situation and how that contributed to her being the person she is, the more you feel for her.

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彼方 paints a powerful scene here. The emotion on Kaguya’s face definitely gets through, and the image of the cold reserved Kaguya desperately clutching the somewhat more open and outgoing side of herself is a strong one.

6 Devious – 恥痔(はぢ)

Kaguya can be troublesome at times. Especially when she’s trying to get things to go her way. Though she might not always intend for it, she can look pretty devious at times.

恥痔(はぢ)’s art here really manages to stand out. Kaguya’s expression is just perfect, but so are the background and the colors occupying the piece. It’s an interesting blend of light and dark and looks phenomenal.

5 Queen of Hearts – Ewai

Kaguya has two prominent personalities that fans are familiar with. There’s the cold-hearted looking version that was prevalent prior to the beginning of the series, and the shy, clumsy version we’re all used to.

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Ewai does a nice job of representing these two sides by splaying them both out on a playing card. The art looks great, but what’s more is the concept is executed so well that it really manages to make the whole piece stand out all the more.

4 Kitty Kaguya – FiFoo

This is a look that was brought up early on in the anime. It was a funny sequence, but it looks like fans and fan artists alike still have a soft spot for this look.

FiFoo’s take on Kaguya with her cat ears on is great. The art really shines, and the artist manages to get Kaguya’s embarrassment down well in their work.

3 Ace – Mitko

Kaguya’s confidence can’t be ignored. She might seem aloof at times, but when she needs to be she’s the most capable person on the student council.

Mitko’s fan art really shines here. It’s a simple enough concept, but the quality of the work and the attention to detail really make it stand out.

2 Supporting Cast – REI@既刊DLsite頒布中

Kaguya might be the star of the show most of the time, but the series wouldn’t be what it is without the rest of the cast. Each character brings something valuable to the table, and fans love each and every one of these characters.

REI@既刊DLsite頒布中 does a great job with not only drawing Kaguya here, but with the chibi designs for the rest of the main cast as well.

1 Archery Club – なごみカガ

One thing about Kaguya that’s not touched upon often is the fact that she’s in the Archery club at school. Her design does great with the sports’ equipment. なごみカガ does a great job of depicting an often overlooked aspect of the character with this soothing fan work.

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Kaguya's the star of the show, and these fan artists did a great job of drawing her.

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