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Kaguya-sama: Love Is War certainly lives up to its name: Season 1 of the anime was filled with the crazy antics of its two protagonists, Kaguya and Shirogane, two bright students with too much pride to confess their love to the other. But Season 2 might be a turning point for the pair. It seems as though, despite the fact that the two still refuse to outright confess their love to one another, their chemistry is getting more and more obvious. This leads us to wonder — could their sparring relationship actually end in a draw?

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A lot of theories are buzzing online right now: namely, one that states that neither Kaguya nor Shirogane will win, and that they will both declare their love at the same time instead.

That one seems very plausible. Both Kaguya and Shirogane are very much alike in every way — whether it be in brains, grades or in how overly prideful they both are. Although we’ve all been there, (who hasn’t tried to confess to their high school crush in a completely convoluted way?) the fact remains that Kaguya and Shirogane turn everybody’s foolish high school pride and awkwardness into an Art. Whether it be completely overthinking liking a tweet or using their friends Ishigami and Chika to try and trick the other into confessing, you can be certain that the two will completely overdo it.

Kaguya has the advantage of wealth, as unlike Shirogane, she is filthy rich and even has a loyal (and very badass) civil servant her age named Hayasaka. Because of this, she can literally throw money at her problem. But somehow, that doesn’t seem to help, as being a sheltered rich girl also comes with her being extremely naïve and gullible when it comes to matters of the heart. As for Shirogane, he uses the fact that he’s more of a normal teenager to his advantage in order to (sometimes literally) run from his problems. Despite this, the pair are often there to support and comfort the object of their affection, which is what makes the story both so funny and so wholesome.

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Although fans of the manga have been respectful enough not to reveal anything, we know that there will be an abundance of character development for Ishigami. The addition of the new main character Miko Iino running for student council also raises some questions, such as whether her appearance will encourage the blossoming romance between Kaguya and Shirogane or on the contrary, get in their way. Her recent introduction to the show has revealed Miko as being an overly righteous, uptight girl who’s tried but failed time and time again to become president of the student council.

Because of Miko’s less exuberant nature, a lot of fans have been wondering what she’ll be bringing to the table and whether she’ll be as likable as the beloved Season 1 cast. One thing’s for sure, however: Miko’s weird admiration for Chika alone guarantees that she at the very least has amazing taste — and for that alone, she deserves a chance.

The show keeps track of who “wins” what and even assigns points to the characters depending on whether their “love schemes” work out in their favor. Sometimes it even ends in a draw, or in another character such as Chika winning. Because of the fact that there hasn’t been one clear overall winner so far, and both Shirogane and Kaguya’s resolve seems to be withering, it seems very likely that the show will end with the two of them confessing at the same time, thus ending the whole thing in a draw.

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Kaguya-sama's second season could prove to be a game-changer for the romance anime.

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