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Warning: the following contains spoilers for season 2, episode 8 of Kaguya-Sama: Love is War, now streaming on FUNimation.

In the newest episode of the Kaguya-Sama anime, Kaguya is back to her usual scheming ways, but now it seems she is biting off more than she can chew when it comes to her beau, Miyuki Shirogane.

Now that the school president election is over, the amped-up student council is back in session, with the addition of Miko Iino as the financial auditor. Already, Kaguya and Miyuki have made an…awkward impression on Miko as they keep goofing off in the student council room. But now, not even Kaguya can handle the antics.

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The episode begins with a fairly tame start, but in the middle act, Kaguya and Miyuki slide back into their old habits, with plenty of “doki doki” action to follow. The two of them check out the gym shed to make sure everything is in order, making a few idle comments about the equipment as they go. All is fine and dandy, until Miyuki tugs on the shed’s door and realizes it’s stuck – or locked.

Miyuki immediately assumes that this is a ploy on Kaguya’s part, and Kaguya is equally convinced that this is another of Miyuki’s tricks. Each of them fake distress, including unconvincing crocodile tears on Kaguya’s part, as they plan out their next moves. Predictably , Kaguya used this “distress” to get closer to Miyuki, who responds with more bravado than expected. He sits right next to her, and Kaguya’s heart goes wild. This isn’t the first time his closeness got her riled up, but this time, there is no one to interfere. They trip and end up on a mat on the floor, with Miyuki right over Kaguya – perfect romancing position. The stage was set.

Or it was, until Miko slid the door open (it was jammed by a tree branch) only to be shocked by the shameless display set before her. Suffice to say, neither Kaguya nor Miyuki made any progres in the love war, and Kaguya’s mind was on Miyuki’s steamy intimacy from that point on. Which led directly to her next incident.

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Kaguya is teetering on the edge, her mind fixed firmly on that gym shed scene. Miyuki touched Kaguya’s hair to remove a bit of debris, Kaguya was overwhelmed by his closeness and actually fainted. She is hauled off to a massive hospital, where a trusted doctor tends to her case. Medically, Kaguya is in fine health, but her denial is the real problem.

The doctor is certain that lovesickness was causing Kaguya’s condition, though Kaguya scoffs at the idea. She asks for tests to be done, and the results speak for themselves – not to mention Kaguya’s honest answers to the doctor’s questions. According to her, Miyuki Shirogane is the ideal human being, which is all the doctor needed to hear to make up his mind. Kaguya has a healthy and beautiful heart, both physically and mentally. Kaguya isn’t so convinced, though, and wants to see another doctor soon enough, despite Ai’s protests against the idea.

The love war between Kaguya and Miyuki is reaching new heights, and Kaguya can try to deny it, but her intense feelings are plain as can be.

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Kaguya Shinomiya is back in the love war, but when things are cranked up to 11, even she can't take the heat.

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