Kaguya-Sama Love Is War: 5 Reasons Why You Should Read The Manga (& 5 Reasons Why You Can Just Watch The Anime Instead)

Like all manga that are adapted into anime, there are definitely differences between how the anime might handle the storytelling versus how the manga originally told the story. Sometimes, these are necessary changes, since the way the manga told the story might not work in animation.

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Other times, the anime gets things just right and can be expected to tell the story as well as the manga does. In the case of Kaguya-sama: Love is War, there are definitely reasons to check out the manga and equally valid reasons to just watch the anime. Here are five reasons the manga is worth reading and five reasons someone could stick with the anime instead.

10 Manga: Chronology

Kaguya-sama is told in a series of one-off stories that serve the bigger plot, but they don’t necessarily have to stay in the same order. The manga has a different order for the challenges that the main characters put each other through than the anime has. While it doesn’t necessarily affect the storytelling, and the characters ultimately reach the same endpoints, some people might be interested in knowing the order that the story was intended to be told in.

9 Anime: Major Plot Points

As mentioned above, though the order of the storytelling is different between the anime and the manga, the actual plot points are the same.

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The characters are after the same goals, each trying to get the other to admit that he or she has feelings for the other first, and the important plot points are retained. So a person watching the anime would ultimately reach the same storytelling plot points even if they only watched the anime.

8 Manga: Extra Content

An anime has less room for hitting all of the things that happen in the manga, since they’re confined to a certain number of episodes, as opposed to having any number of chapters to work with. The manga definitely has extra chapters that aren’t featured at all in the anime. So if someone wants to get the full experience of this love game, they might want to pick up the manga to do so.

7 Anime: Jokes

While Kaguya-sama is funny in both versions, since it has a pretty comedic set-up, the anime’s jokes land a little bit better.

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They’re aided by animation and voice acting, which really drive home how funny certain moments can be. Plus, there’s more room for visual and running gags that can be revisited in different episodes.

6 Manga: Better Narration

The narration in the anime is a bit intrusive, and it doesn’t feel quite as necessary as it does in the manga. Since the anime is animated, there’s less need for a narrator to explain what’s happening or why it’s important; most of it is right there in the context of the episode. The narration feels like it serves more of a purpose in the manga and feels more like a character in its own right.

5 Anime: Animation

It’s pretty obvious, but the anime has the added benefit of being animated, as all anime do. Many people are more interested in watching a television show than reading a comic book, and for that reason alone, the anime might have a leg up.

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But Kaguya-sama’s animation in particular really serves the storytelling. It takes the art style and intent from the manga and creates something special out of it, giving scenes extra emphasis where necessary and also really pushing the visual jokes.

4 Manga: Supporting Characters

As already mentioned, an anime has a lot less room to get everything in than a manga does, which means a lot of things end up getting cut out. Some of the things that are lost are supporting characters. In the manga, many of the supporting characters have their own side stories that run parallel to the main characters, and there’s more time for readers to get to know them. A lot of that is lost due to time constraints in the anime.

3 Anime: Emphasis On Important Scenes

One thing the anime actually improves on in the manga is the way important emotional scenes are handled. The anime has certainly cut out a lot of things from the manga, but there’s something to be said for what it does with the extra space.

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Any time there’s a scene that needs extra time, to really drive home that what’s happening is important, the pacing slows down so that it becomes very immersive. It’s made very clear that the viewers are supposed to remember what is happening here.

2 Manga: A Little More Adult

Kaguya-sama is a romantic comedy. That means it’s pretty cute and very funny, and the things that happen in it are pretty absurd. In the manga, the jokes get really ramped up into a space where they’re almost dirty. The characters all use a lot of innuendo and reference sexuality a lot more often. The anime can’t get away with the same kinds of things on television, and some of the more mature gags are very amusing.

1 Anime: Same Dialogue

Ultimately, the anime does its best to stay as true to the manga as possible. For example, the dialogue in the anime is almost word for word the same as it is in the manga, which makes it very easy to just stick with the anime. There’s not a lot that’s different between the scenes that the anime shows versus what appears in the manga as far as how the characters communicate with each other, so the anime will give viewers the same experience in this way that reading the manga would.

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Kaguya-Sama's manga and anime adaptation are pretty similar, but there are a few reasons fans might want to experience the story one way or another.

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