Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War – The 5 Smartest & 5 Dumbest Moves Done By The Characters

The characters in Kaguya-Sama: Love is War do some pretty ridiculous things in order to hide their affections for one another. Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya are the president and vice president of the student council at their school. They are both studious, elegant beings. Miyuki has been at the top of his class since he could remember and Kaguya is the daughter of a super-elite and rich family, while also maintaining her studies. The catch is, the two also have deep feelings for each other but neither is willing to admit it.

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Love is War has been considered to be the love story of two tsundere, as both parties have decided they would make the other fall in love with them and beg to be in a relationship. They think that “the one who admits their feelings first is the one who loses the war,” and thus, have created this ridiculous plot that hurts them typically rather than helps. Here are some of the dumbest and smartest moves they’ve made during their love war.

10 Smart: “How Cute”

In one of the earlier episodes, Kaguya uses a special move that makes Miyuki totally and utterly weak in the knees. She calls his actions “cute” with a condescending (at least that’s how Miyuki interprets it) expression.

Miyuki then is afraid of being “cute” and panics under the pressure, giving way into Kaguya’s plans. Kaguya uses this special move a few more times in the early episodes of the show and it always seems to work.

9 Dumb: Kaguya Getting Jealous Of Chika

Chika Fujiwara is probably Kaguya’s closest friend. She is the secretary of the student council and is pretty much always around the two as they’re executing their dumb plots. She sometimes gets in the middle of them, but can also be seen ending them (typically accidentally).

Kaguya occasionally gets jealous of Chika, mostly for her carefree mindset and for the slimmer of fear she has that Miyuki might like Chika more. Chika is never an actual threat, but that doesn’t stop Kaguya from feeling jealous.

8 Smart: Chika Using Their War To Get Yummy Food

In the first episode, Kaguya gets jealous, and the reason behind it is due to the fact that Chika openly asks to try something from Miyuki’s homemade lunch box. The lunch box is exquisite and looks utterly delicious to both Chika and Kaguya. It was also all handmade by Miyuki himself. Kaguya finds herself desperately wanting to try his cooking and to outdo him.

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Chika takes their food war to her advantage, being the main subject of trying and sharing their bento box. In reality, Miyuki and Kaguya want to try each other’s food, but their stubbornness gets in the way, and lucky for Chika, she gets caught in the middle of it all.

7 Dumb: When Kaguya Waited In the Rain For Miyuki

In an attempt to drive him home on a rainy day, Kaguya does a number of things to worsen the situation for Miyuki, who typically rides his bike to and from the school. After a turn of events, Kaguya decides to attempt to walk Miyuki home, in order to share an umbrella together.

She waits for him outside of the school in heavy rain, but he never comes. She ends up getting soaked and sees him pedaling past on his bicycle as fast as he could to avoid the rain as much as possible. However, unbeknownst to him, he splashed her with all the water on the sidewalk.

6 Smart: Miyuki Taking Kaguya Her Homework While She Was Sick

After Miyuki splashes Kaguya with a ton of water in the rain, she gets pretty sick and stays home from school. Miyuki ends up taking her missed school work to her house. Some may argue this was a dumb move for what occurs next, however, in the end, this ended up furthering their relationship.

Kaguya is totally delusional and forces a flustered Miyuki to lay down in bed with her. The whole scene is pretty funny and causes a lot of uproar throughout the next few episodes.

5 Dumb: Kaguya Staying Mad At Miyuki

After the events of a drowsy Kaguya dragging Miyuki into bed with her, she stays pretty mad for a few episodes, thinking he took advantage of her sick state. The truth is, Miyuki ended up falling asleep next to her, and nothing happened.

But Kaguya continued to stay mad. She acted out of character due to her flustered and enraged state and made some decisions that definitely didn’t help her pursuit in the war.

4 Smart: Chika Is A Ramen Connoisseur

One of the best episodes of season one didn’t have anything to do with Kaguya or Miyuki but rather, Chika. The episode is told from the perspective of a character never seen before, a ramen connoisseur who judges everyone’s choices at a local ramen shop.

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Chika rolls in and somehow convinces the man that she too is a ramen connoisseur with her order. Her choices of toppings, noodles, and broth prove that she is one of the smartest characters in the show.

3 Dumb: Not Texting Each Other Over Break

During a holiday break, Miyuki and Kaguya end up spending the entire time waiting for the other member to text them. They refuse to text first, thinking that the text message would act as an extension of the war itself and cause the initial texter to lose.

However, because of their hesitation, the two lose precious opportunities to hang out with each other. Eventually, Kaguya’s maid gets frustrated with their stupid war and dials the phone for Kaguya.

2 Smart: Taking Kaguya To Watch Fireworks

In a key moment in the series (that happens to be part of the season finale) Kaguya gets halted by her family from attending the fireworks with the student council members. She takes all day getting ready and preparing for her first real outing with Miyuki.

Miyuki learns that Kaguya’s family has stopped her from going and devices a plan with Chika and Yu Ishigami (the treasurer of the council). Together they run all the way back to Kaguya’s house and sneak her out. The group sees the beautiful fireworks from the back of a taxi cab. It was a truly amazing scene that left fans so happy when one of them finally made a move.

1 Dumb: The Concept Behind “The One Who Confesses Loses”

The dumbest things the characters could ever do in this season or beyond is the concept of their war in general. Because of their hesitation to admit their feelings and the pride they would lose from doing so, they lose out on so many opportunities to do things together.

They’ve missed out on texting and calling each other, going on trips, seeing movies, and so much more. Because of their pride, and the logic of comedy/romance anime, they may never end up admitting their feelings for each other but stay in this ridiculous cycle.

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Kaguya-Sama: Love is War chronicles the love story of Miyuki and Kaguya. Here are the 5 smartest & 5 dumbest things the characters have done.

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