Kaguya-Sama: Miyuki Shows a Major Weakness at the WORST Possible Time

WARNING: the following contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 5 of Kaguya-Sama: Love is War, now streaming on FUNimation.

As in previous episodes of Season 2 of Kaguya-sama: Love is War, student president Miyuki Shirogane is taking center stage, but not always for reasons that he would like, or even expect. In the anime‘s latest episode, he must fix one of his biggest shortcomings or risk looking like a total buffoon during his re-election campaign. But while he’s off-duty as class president — without that serious burden — he finally has some free time to himself. There is even an animated pie chart to demonstrate his schedule change, and there is one big adjustment: he gets more time to sleep.

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This works wonders for Miyuki’s face, since his exhausted and haggard look has been swapped out for a fresh, upbeat one instead, and the students have mixed feelings about it. Then, for a change, Miyuki goes on the offensive in the love-war with Kaguya, and tries to impress her up close and personally in the library. It’s a total flop, though, and Miyuki’s new charisma isn’t taking him very far at this critical time.

So, Kaguya consults Nagisa about whether her feelings for Miyuki are too closely tied to his looks. Nagisa assures her that true love is real regardless of appearances, while Chika asserts that if Kaguya can’t stay consistent about her opinion of Miyuki’s looks, her love is a sham. This amusing story goes to show that Miyuki is defined almost entirely by his job as student president, and that’s what drew Kaguya to him. She likes President Shirogane, not Miyuki the boy next door. That’s her personal preference, and the story doesn’t quite criticize her for putting so much stock in Miyuki’s “worn-out but responsible president” look. She likes a working man, it would seem.

Miyuki’s failed attempt to win over Kaguya with his new face was a setback in itself, but he has bigger problems looming ahead. Chika is the conductor for the school’s anthem choir, and her eagle eyes noticed that Miyuki is really just lip-synching with the song, not making a sound. She finds this questionable, to say the least, but Miyuki defends himself: He would be just one voice, after all, and not even a good one. He would rather not drag down the choir with his lousy contribution.

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But Chika is having none of that. As school president, Miyuki would represent the spirit and body of the entire school and all its students, and if he can’t be bothered to sing the song and get inspired by its lyrics, that would be a blemish on his image. Miyuki’s bad experience with singing in the past is no longer a good excuse: he needs singing lessons right away.

Just as she once coached Miyuki on volleyball, Chika buckles up for another intense training regimen, and she does her best to hammer some music into Miyuki’s head, one practiced note at a time. He wails like a banshee.

The next time that choir sings, Chika is closely watching Miyuki, and to her delight, he sings for real, and he matches the choir exactly. She is moved, and then so moved, she breaks down in tears in the middle of the sing, wailing with pride and emotion. Miyuki struts away feeling very accomplished, and Chika tearfully embraces Kaguya and updates her on Miyuki’s astounding progress.

Kaguya can hardly believe it, and neither can Chika or Miyuki Shirogane. And it was all just in time for that presidential campaign.

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Miyuki harbors a secret that would reflect terribly on him as school president.

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