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Nothing embodies the absurdly exhilarating spirit of Kill la Kill better than Mako Mankanshoku. She’s everything you want in a best friend: loving, caring, funny, supportive, and, most importantly, knows how to swing a spiked bat. Through thick and thin, Mako always remained loyal to her best friend, Ryuko Matoi, and did everything she could to help her avenge her fallen father. While her hyperactive energy can be overwhelming at times, Mako Mankanshoku is easily one of the brightest stars in Kill la Kill.

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As one of the most entertaining characters in Kill la Kill, Mako has developed a strong fandom within the anime community. There is so much great fan content created in her name (fan art, cosplay, memes…) that it’s impossible to keep track of it all, but it never hurts to try. Here are 10 fantastic works of Mako fan art that show why she’s one of the best characters in Kill la Kill. As always, if you enjoyed the fan art highlighted today, show your support for the artists who created them.

10 Hallelujah

Robaato, an illustrator from Chicago, Illinois, illustrated Mako unleashing another one of her over-the-top inspirational speeches onto the world. A hot-blooded Mako takes center stage, while her enlarged “Hallelujah” hand pose is set behind her. Hilariously, a befuddled Ryuko is watching the madness play out from afar. According to Robaato, this artwork was a charity piece for the 2015 Kill la Kill Zine.

9 AkuMako

Australian artist theCHAMBA delivered the greatest anime x video game mashup that the world never knew it needed until now. By mixing Mako from Kill la Kill and Akuma Street Fighter together, CHAMBA created the ultimate fighter known as Makuma (or Makouki). Mako’s plump pouty face is a hilarious contrast to her strong warrior stance. CHAMBA’s fan art came from a series of drawings on his Patreon.

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8 Fight Club Mako

Mako might be an adorable klutz, but, when she puts her mind to it, she can be a hard worker and a tough fighter. Nothing proved this better than her short-lived gig as president of the fight club of Honnōji Academy. MobileSuitGio, a digital artist from the Philippines, drew Mako in her signature fight club president outfit. It’s a great illustration of Mako’s determined spirit shining brightly from her kickass costume.

7 It’s Spherical

Like everything in life, Kill la Kill was memed to high heaven. As the show’s comic relief, Mako was often the subject matter of the funniest Kill la Kill memes on the internet. Case in point, digital artist mergeritter’s amusing fan art of Mako holding a “spherical” Rowlet from Pokémon. For those who don’t know, the spherical line is a Drake and Josh reference to Josh Nichols being amazed by the roundness of the GameSphere console.

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6 Chowing Down

Don’t let Mako’s tiny stature fool you. This small girl has a big appetite. Digital artist weebtrashdesu (formerly chakupuchi) drew a lovely illustration of Mako doing what she does best: eat! In weebtrashdesu’s fanart, Mako can be seen eating skewered meats, noodles, eggs, cake, ice cream, and more. As you would imagine, Mako’s dining etiquette is far from perfect.

5 Nudist Beach Mako

From episode one, Kill la Kill makes it clear it’s a thrilling yet extremely lewd action series. Among the many sexually provocative moments in the show, the formation of the rebel organization known as Nudist Beach is definitely up there. As you can guess by the name, the male and female members of Nudist Beach are all dressed scantily clad, albeit not too scantily clad to upset the TV censors. justD3F, an artist from Boston, Massachusetts, drew an adorably lewd fanart of Mako in her Nudist Beach attire.

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4 Pure Angel

As angry, ugly, and cruel as the world of Kill la Kill can get, Mako remained a pure cinnamon roll through it all. So, it’s only appropriate that Mako is recognized as the pure angel that she was throughout the show. Philippines artist astrayeah drew a magnificent portrait of Mako with an angelic halo above her head. What stands out the most in this digital painting are the colors that accentuate Mako’s heavenly presence.

3 Toast of Tardiness

You can’t have an anime series without a schoolgirl trying to get to school on time, with a slice of buttered toast in her mouth. If anyone in the Kill la Kill cast was gonna fulfill that time-honored tradition, it would be Mako Mankanshoka. Itamaraty, a digital artist from Brazil, drew this dynamic art of Mako zooming towards school, with a piece of delicious toast in her mouth. It’s a stylistically striking piece of fan art that keeps true to the bubbly personality of Mako.

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2 Makoraoraoraora

In another incredible anime crossover, the outrageous world of Kill la Kill meets the bizarre realm of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Jeetdoh, a digital artist from Thailand, drew Fight Club Mako using Jotaro Kuj’s all-powerful stand, Star Platinum, from Stardust Crusaders. Mako walloping the bad guys with a Stand of her own is a magnificent sight to see, but the chaotic energy of Jeetdoh’s art makes it even more beautiful to look at. For more of Jeetdoh’s artwork, check out his Patreon.

1 More Fight Club Mako

Fight Club President Mako is easily a fan-favorite of the Kill la Kill community. Fan artists, cosplayers, fanfic writers… they all love Mako in her badass fighting outfit from episode seven. Given its popularity, it’s no surprise Mako wore her fight club outfit again for the series finale. S05146, a digital artist from Russia, drew an amazing fanart of Mako in her fighting attire. As intimidating as Mako looks, the playful tongue-out expression on her face makes it clear this is still the cheerful Mako that the world knows and loves.

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There's definitely no shortage of Kill la Kill fan art out there, but, while most are dedicated to Ryku, we'd like to pay homage to Mako.

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